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#104611 by Bill D
Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:46 pm
I've had this problem over the last few weeks with my 3 year old Hub - On calls I originate, I could hear them speak and they did not hear me speak. This was solidly repeatable for 10 calls in a row to the same number. However, when the same party called me back, the call worked both ways every time.

The only thing that fixed the problem was a power cycle reboot of my Hub. My Hub has always been behind my Router and I've always used the built-in MAC and a zero setting for upstream speed. My network upload speed is consistently well above 384kbps and consistently showed jitter well under 5 ms and a MOS of 4.38.

The problem has not occurred again after I power-cycle rebooted my Hub. I also noticed that before the problem started, my Hub was recently updated to Firmware Rev: 63962.63962 and I'm wondering if the update caused the problem and the first reboot after the update cleared it up?

It may have been a fluke glitch, but I've posted it to add to the knowledge base here in case anyone else shared my experience.

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