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#103532 by lbmofo
Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:04 pm
azism wrote:
lbmofo wrote:azism, oomg meant to have you get one of those services so your parents can call you if you didn't have a second line.

I am confused here. My parents are set up with the "Personal Number". As to the two lines, that comes about with the Scout setup, at least that's the way I understand it.

Your elderly parents call you on your 2nd line so it would be free to them right? They use regular phone service and not Ooma right? BTW, for 2nd number to work, you don't need a Scout for your Hub.
#103534 by azism
Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:15 pm

I think you are missing what I am saying. First of all ,from the Premier subscription comes the following descriptions of the services I have been talking about:

Personal Phone Number
Do your loved ones call you from out of state? Extend the benefit of free calling to them! Ooma Premier comes with a free second phone number. Pick one from their calling area so you'll just be a local call away!

That is what my parents use.

Then there is:

Instant Second Line™
In a busy household, all too often you find that two people want to use the phone at the same time. Eliminate those squabbles with the Instant Second Line. Whether it's an incoming call or an outgoing one, the Instant Second Line lets two people be on two different phone calls at once -- all without needing a second phone number.

That is what is used when we get calls from two different callers. Two numbers VS. two lines.
#103549 by caseybea
Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:04 pm
For me, what attracted me to the Ooma (CORE) was that it was a one-time investment, and then- zero. I'm coming up on three years of zero cost, and loving it. Call quality of my old hub has been awesome. I think I recall two outages in 3 years. Not bad. The included caller-id is great, and a necessity for our household.

Sadly, my understanding is that when my hub dies, the free ride is over and I'll be stuck paying taxes/fees no matter what. (currently in my area, $5 a month and climbing).

From what I know, the ONLY way around that would be to find a *NEW* core (hub+scout), but even then, I'm not 100% sure that Ooma lets even those units get away without regulatory fees anymore. Not to mention NEW cores are nearly impossible to find. I have found both sides of the argument on the forum. (Yes, I understand that any used or refurb hub is yes, going to get the fees... but the jury is out on *NEW* core units as a replacement). Whenever my hub dies, I'll probably have to suck it up and get a telo, and since I need caller ID, that means premiere. Ouch, not looking forward to that day.
#103573 by azism
Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:19 am
caseybea wrote:From what I know, the ONLY way around that would be to find a *NEW* core (hub+scout), but even then, I'm not 100% sure that Ooma lets even those units get away without regulatory fees anymore. Not to mention NEW cores are nearly impossible to find.

FYI, I found some new hubs on at "from" $350. Used ones on Amazon at "from" $100. I just got done with an Ooma CSR and (s)he told me if the hub is replaced, the new fees would apply and if you have a Premier subscription (like I do) would go away and you would have to set up a new premier account. To me that makes no sense. After using the same hub for almost 4 years and the (Lifetime) Premier for almost the same time period, this seems like very poor customer relations.

Sure, the argument can be made I will still save money even by having the new taxes and $120/year for the premier plan, but I can get phone service with unlimited long distance calling from $10/month up to $35/month depending on the plan. Or I can switch to something like Direct TV (I have no idea on their pricing). There are other options available. I like Ooma and would like to remain a customer of Ooma, but there seems to be disconnect between Ooma customer service and long time Ooma customers.

At least I am okay right now, but when the time comes, I'll have to debate the way to go. :?
#103608 by oomg
Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:10 am
lbmofo wrote:
oomg wrote:Regarding the ability to transfer the Lifetime Premier service to a Telo, I believe I could make a strong argument that it is the subscription to the service itself that is lifetime which cannot be terminated by an equipment failure, particularly since Ooma does offer similar replacement equipment. Nevertheless, I doubt that anyone would need to actually make this argument, since I tend to believe that if the issue were to be presented to someone other than a front line CS agent, the answer would be different.

The clarification from Dennis on the Lifetime Premier is that it is tied to the hardware. Supposedly, you can transfer it to another like hardware. I suppose, if you have another brand new Hub around, you can transfer your Lifetime Premier if your hardware fails. /viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3581&start=20#p26896

There are three problems with Dennis' "clarification:" First, it served to acknowledge that Ooma had failed to make the policy clear at the outset, thereby allowing Lifetime subscribers to rely on what could be judged to be a reasonable interpretation of the term. Second, although there was a refund offer to those who had purchased Lifetime service within the prior few days, it did not address the issue with respect to those who had purchased the Lifetime subscription much earlier. Third, no further clarification was provided despite the opportunity to do so in response to MikeeKim's subsequent post which read as follows: "I am assuming that if Ooma decides to obsolete the hub, that if my hub fails after the warranty period, that I could replace it with whatever the current hardware is at the time and get lifetime transferred, correct? Of course, based on your description, if the hub is still in your current product line, it sounds like the transfer would be limited to the hub unless you change that policy somewhere down the line (or it is part of an upgrade offer as you state above)..."
#103610 by oomg
Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:36 am
azism wrote:As for the number for my parents which for them is a local call instead of a long distance call, most, like MJ require the computer to be on and I can guarantee you that their being in their early 90s they don't turn their computer on that much.

Assuming your parents live in the U.S., they don't even need to own a computer. You simply choose one of the MJ numbers that is a local call to them, and forward that number to one of your Ooma numbers. Once this is done, you can disconnect the MJ from your computer... calls will still be forwarded.

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