Avoid buying from Ooma directly

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Avoid buying from Ooma directly

Post by ceciat » Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:50 pm

After a bumpy start I am a happy Ooma customer. However, I made the mistake of ordering from Ooma directly initially. I strongly recommend using one of their resellers and not Ooma's online store, and here's why:

A chronicle of events:

[*]10/28: Because of some recent developments I was suddenly in the need of a landline phone, so I placed an order for a Telo and an HD2 handset on Ooma's online store. Since it was somewhat urgent, I opted for two day shipping. During checkout I am informed that "orders take one business day to process". So i should have a land line phone in about three to four days, great!

[*]10/28 Received confirmation email, but no order number included in email

[*]10/29 Ooma charges my credit card

[*]10/31 AM: No further communication from Ooma, so I try online chat with Support. Support claims that Sales "just sent me an email with my order information" -- The email never arrives.

[*]10/31 late PM: Another chat with Support since promised email never arrives. I am informed that my order still hasn't been processed and that "it usually takes 3 to 5 business days to process an order" (note that the web site says "one business day"). -- I still can't get an order number.

[*]11/7 AM: I try a chat with Sales, since no further communication was received in a week from Ooma. At this point I am informed that due to high demand on HD2 headsets the order is delayed for at least another week. -- Remember that getting a phone line was somewhat urgent (and it was ~10 days since order at this point), so I ask the representative to cancel my order. Rep agrees, but can't give me an confirmation code.

[*]11/7 PM: Telo on sale at BestBuy for 149. I go to BestBuy and pick up a Telo and a DECT phone. Works great.

[*]11/12 Refund from Ooma for canceled order posts on my credit card.

[*]11/13 Receive UPS tracking number for a for package from Ooma (my canceled order is apparently shipping) :/

[*]11/14 Chat with Sales Rep: Explain situation that they just shipped me an order that I canceled and they issued a refund for already. All I ever hear from rep is "please call 866-... if we get disconnected." Chat gets disconnected...

[*]11/14 I call the 866-... number on my Ooma Telo (the one from BestBuy) and explain the situation. -- The rep processes my request and makes it about half way through giving me my confirmation number, as the line suddenly falls slient. After about a minute of silence I hang up...

[*]11/14 Ooma rep tries to call my cell phone, but at this point I am busy with other things, so I let it go to voice mail...

Waiting for Ooma to email me a return shipping label.

This is not how e-Commerce should work in 2012!

I strongly advise Ooma to stop selling devices directly and focus on their core competence of running the Ooma service. Leave retail sales to companies that have figured out how to do things such as inventory tracking and shipping orders on schedule.

However, kudos to all the Ooma reps I talked to. They were all very friendly and professional. It just seems that Ooma's order handling process is hopelessly broken...



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Re: Avoid buying from Ooma directly

Post by daewon » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:11 pm

I have the hd2 handset ordered on amazon but they are out of stock it says and i placed my order on the 11th. It seems like any place is only as fast with keeping up with stock as ooma is in keeping them supplied. But being an amazon prime member i did get one day shipping for just $3.99 :-)

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Re: Avoid buying from Ooma directly

Post by daewon » Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:50 am

Amazon is still out of stock on the HD2 handsets so i cancelled my order when i found a brand new one on ebay. It arrives Wednesday :-)

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