Number Prefix and Latency Issues

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Number Prefix and Latency Issues

Post by grandpuba » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:02 am

Hey everyone.

Just into the Ooma thing as of yesterday and so far Im very impressed with the quality of the sound and the features. Something nice about stickin it to the big cable company man!

Although the sound quality is quite good, I have some latency issues in the line. According to the, I have 15 mbps down and 0.98 mbps up. The Ping on the line hovers around 96 ms.
According to the ooma speed test, the jitter and packet loss is 0.

There is about a 1 second delay in the line I found using the echo test. I have the ooma set up as modem/router > switch > Ooma.
I ran CAT6 through my house when I built it and it all terminates in a panel in the basement with the router and switch. As a result of this setup, I dont want to mount the ooma in the cabinet in the basement so putting the Ooma behind the router is really my only option and still have the ooma on my couter upstairs. From reading some posts in the forum, I went into the settings of the ooma and set it to a static address as well as set both QoS fields to '0'. Is there anything else I can try to help improve the delay in the line?

The only other thing that is annoying is nothing that you guys can help with im sure. The only phone numbers available for my area code all have the prefix '800'. So when I call people, they assume I am a telemarketer. So the number would show up as XXX 800 XXXX. Really unfortuanate I cant get a different prefix. Any other random combination would have been perfect haha. And Unfortuantly, I do not even have a number that I can port, otherwise I would do that.

Anyways - besides those couple of blips, im pretty happy. if I can get the lag sorted out in the line, ooma will have me for good haha


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Re: Number Prefix and Latency Issues

Post by thunderbird » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:32 am

Not always, but quite often, delay comes from the Modem. Try resetting your Modem per the Modem owner's manual.

Note: Some Modems contain a battery, that must be temporarily removed to be able to have a successful Modem reset or reboot. Check you Modem owner's manual to see if there is a battery and if so, the procedure to remove it.

After the Modem reset or reboot, quickly test to see if you still have delay.

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