HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by Garth_511 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:14 am

We have two Hd2 handsets. One works just fine. the other one, not so much. It won't pickup or reboots when you try to pick up, it won't give a dial tone when you try to dial out, it's just flakey. It's so bad that my wife wants to pitch both HD2 handsets and go back to our Panasonic DECT 6 sets.

It's disappointing to say the least. I'd be willing to pay $5 -$10 more per hand set if Omma could up the quality of the handsets.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by thunderbird » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:19 am

The HD2 handsets are probably under warranty yet. So you should be able to contact Ooma Customer Service and have the defective HD2 handsets replaced. Shipping is prepaid both ways.

Have you tried rebooting the HD2 handsets. This is done bey pressing and holding the Off (Red Phone) button until the screen goes blank. When the HD2 handset comes back to life, test.

Also some people have had problems, but have contacted Ooma Customer Service and they have downloaded later firmware that corrects the problems.

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The HD2 handsets have turned out to be terrible

Post by leehileman » Sat Mar 16, 2013 8:52 am

So the problem with the handsets not ringing went away totally without me doing anything. I suspect there was a firmware upgrade. But now that we have lived with 6 of them for a while, it has become really obvious that there are serious quality problems with these things. I've sort of overcome most of them and don't think getting replacements would really help because I think a lot of the problems are still firmware related. Here are some of the issues:

1. ALL of them except one came with chargers that make a high-pitched whine (solved this by using old Blackberry and Garmin chargers)
2. One of the chargers was DOA
3. They all stop responding to the keypad occasionally and need reboots via the red button
4. One came with defective batteries (replaced with another set of NIMH and fine now)
5. They all suffer from various degrees of "sound leakage". You can hear a lot of the earpiece output from the speaker on the back when not using the speaker phone.
6. This results in a "listening through a drainpipe" effect that is annoying.
7. Even thought I have "named" all 4 handsets and their names show up on their screens, when you use the intercom, only 2 show up with the correct names in the intercom menu.
8. The screens, when set to the same brightness, vary wildly in their appearance (color and brightness) between handsets
9. The little spring loaded wires that make contact with the bottom of the phone to charge it don't always spring back up when the phone is removed from the base which results in dead phones unless you remember to listen carefully for the double beep whenever you put it on the cradle and wiggle it around if you don't.
10. Lots of ergonomic issues - using the up and down controls around the center button is hard to do because the direction pad around the button is so thin. Very annoying.
11. If communication with the Telo is interrupted, they don't always reconnect. They get stuck saying "connecting" and even pulling the batteries doesn't fix it. I have to reboot the Telo.

I could go on and on. Overall, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in these handsets. And the Telo has its problems too. It surprises me that Ooma would spend such an unimaginable amount of money on infrastructure (as they have) but offer such completely substandard hardware. The fundamental service is EXCELLENT, but the hardware really turns potential customers off. My in-laws, babysitter, friends, etc. who have used it at our house are all annoyed by it. Ooma, please put a little more effort into offering good hardware.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by markcooper555 » Tue May 14, 2013 12:03 pm

I have to agree with the post from leehileman. I have had significant problems with my HD2 handsets from the beginning. The two recurring and most troublesome issues:

* Handsets go into "Connecting with base station" mode about once a week. The only solution is to reboot the Telo base station.
* Handsets will go completely dark and silent in the middle of phone calls. Sometimes within 10 minutes of starting a call. (Yes, the battery indicator shows full. Yes, my handset beeps twice when set in the cradle. Yes, I've replaced batteries--with some from Ooma and some name-brand batteries I've purchased elsewhere.)

I'm 100% satisfied with the service but 0% satisfied with the hardware. I replaced all 4 of my old Telo handsets with the HD2's hoping (wishing?) for fewer issues/better quality. And I've been sadly disappointed. Anyone reading this post who is considering purchasing the HD2 handsets should reconsider.

I've given up contacting Ooma support, since these same issues appear many times throughout the forums. It's clear there are fundamental design and/or construction issues with the HD2 handsets that are not correctable.

Now for a question: Given all the problems I'm having with the HD2s, I'm considering dumping them and using a "real" cordless phone solution (e.g., Panasonic, etc.) I know I'm going to lose some of the key benefits from using Telo handsets:
1) Inability to download address book from Ooma to all handsets. I'll have to do this manually.
2) Inability to screen phone calls from any handset.

What else will I give up by trashing the Telo handsets?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by lbmofo » Tue May 14, 2013 12:18 pm

Instant second line is another that pops into my mind but you can do that by plugging another set of regular home phone system into an Ooma Linx.
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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by thunderbird » Tue May 14, 2013 12:29 pm

Won't have Do Not disturb function on handset.

But you can clear the missed call reminder with one regular cordless phone instead of going around and clearing each HD2 handset.

When pressing the talk button using a regular cordless phone system, there is no delay before you can start talking. A HD2 handset may take up to four seconds to take effect, when answering a second inbound call or switching from one active call to another.

A regular cordless phone system will have a Flash button, which clears up all of the confusion of answering a second inbound phone call or swithing from one active call to another.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by Morac » Mon May 20, 2013 3:56 pm

Well here's a problem. I used instant second line on my HD2 handset. I then hung up and now I can't make any calls from it. If I try to dial it simply returns to the main menu.


I checked and apparently the HD2 is no longer registered with the Ooma. That makes no sense since I was just talking on it.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by thunderbird » Mon May 20, 2013 4:06 pm

Using the Standard Ooma Telo with a HD2 handset.
Today I was calling a company for some information. I was instructed to press the number 1 button to reach the party I needed to talk to. No matter how log or short I pressed the HD2 handset number 1 button, nothing connected or happened.

I had to switch to use a regular phone (not a HD2 handset phone) and then press the number one button. I had no problem getting through with a regular phone.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by Morac » Mon May 20, 2013 4:09 pm

Well I rebooted my handset and it just sat at connecting forever so I also rebooted the Ooma and it connected.

It looks like the DECT somehow died on the Ooma after I hung up the call.

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Re: HD2 Handset Problems & Comments

Post by leehileman » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:05 pm

Bummer. This is my last post. I couldn't take it any more. Between the HORRIBLE hardware (not just the HD2 handsets but the Telo's firmware as well), I gave up. In addition to my long lists in previous posts, there was the delay between when I pick up the phone and the calling party can hear me and the cell-phone-like delay in conversation, and lots of other annoyances. I bought a Panasonic cordless set with 5 handsets, answering machine, Bluetooth, etc. for $130 and went back to an AT&T landline. Couldn't be happier. The good news is that I got some money back selling all the equipment on Ebay. Though it was amazing how few lookers and watchers my auctions got. It was a good experiment, but assuming Ooma is the best one (which I think it is), VOIP is just not ready for prime time. Special thanks to Thunderbird for all your support, by the way. I hope everyone has better experiences than I did OR Ooma gets smart and hires Panasonic to make handsets and Netgear (or some other competent company) to make the Telo as they should have in the first place. I think that has been their real mistake. Designing their own hardware was a TERRIBLE idea. Again, thank you all for your support.

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