health communicators

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health communicators

Post by RJCFlorida » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:10 pm

If you have a piece of medical equipment, not life saving but just sending readings from weight and blood pressure machines and heart beats to company. The communicator works just like a fax machine except the number is programmed inside and dials automatically but they are not able to add the * 98 or * 99 because they arent able in the hard drive to add that feature. I called the company before getting OOMA and am told they have over 100 almost 200 people who use their communicator with a OOMA telo successfully but not the hubs, they dont work. So I buy the OOMA telo and set up and call tech support as the company said I had to tell them to force fax mode and they gave me a ref # that was told by OOMA to their company to refer to for future customers. I wont bore you with the over and over being told no this wont work and not sure why if hundreds do this why cant I. Anyway today the company talk to tier 2 support with me as a 3rd party in the conversation. They said faxes dont work with ooma and well he had as much of a hard time as I did trying to give the reference that no one wanted anyway. So they did something now my machine can now send the once a week health report. However now the phone doesnt work as a phone. I was told there would be an audio problem if they did the fax thing on their end. The communicator company told me no one else lost audio. So I cant make phone calls now. Not sure if I should return OOMA as I have 15 days to do so from store policy and asking ahead if I could if this didnt work. I am using cable internet and dont know why I want to send a medical report once a week and not have a telephone or get vonage or something else. The company did say vonage works with their customers also but he swore he had lots of OOMA users doing their readings no problems. I need to have a phone but need faxing capabilities for the communicator. All this was suppose to work with a force fax mode g something 7. Anyone ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: health communicators

Post by thunderbird » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:22 pm

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