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#8399 by Shell
Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:09 am
a customer service record from your current phone company? I got an email from ooma telling me I needed to get one. When I called Verizon they said that was something ooma needed to request so I emailed and told them that so they asked for a copy of my bill and I sent that in yesterday I got this:

I’m sorry, I just got a rejection from the carrier for the phone bill, they do need the CSR. I contacted the Market Research Company to see if I would be able to get it from there, but I they gave you the wrong information, they do not have an option for a customer to get the CSR. What you will need to do is contact Verizon again, and request a Customer Service Record for your personal use, do not express to them that you are looking to port your number. I do believe that is why you were not given the information the first time, basically your telling them that your leaving them, so I think that’s what the issue was. Once again I do apologize for this inconvenience.

I cannot call Verizon customer service until Monday but I am wondering why I need this record when I have read countless others just turning in a bill. I have already been charged for this port so I am hoping it does happen but Verizon already told me once that ooma needed to request that record and even gave me the number for ooma to call which I gave to them in my email.
#8402 by buzzman
Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:14 am
My OLA was rejected by Qwest, but Ooma was unable to tell me why. So I resigned a new OLA and sent it to Ooma. That was over a week ago, and the last time I called Ooma, they advised me to wait at least 1 more week to see what transpires.

I had to send in my last bill as well.
#8421 by Shell
Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:57 am
From what I understand it isn't even Verizon that rejected the request it was oomas carrier. Whats more is when I put in my number to check for portability now it says

Number Porting Availability:
Unfortunately, we may not be able to port your phone number to ooma. To confirm, please contact customer support via phone or email by visiting the support contact page.

Before I started the process it said it was able to be ported. This is really getting to be more of a pain than anything but I really want to keep my number I am moving soon so if ooma doesn't get it worked out I will have to just cancel the porting and get a refund.

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