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#97008 by Neurorad
Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:37 pm
Hi forum. I am trying to connect my Telo to a new network using the wireless adapter. My wireless modem is an Apple Airport Express. The network is WEP, with a 13 digit password. The wireless page sees the network, but will not recognize the password, as the number of digits is incorrect. I can seem to use the WPA option with the 13 digit password, but the Telo will not work, only will flash red. All of my other devices connect fine with my 13 digit password. I have Comcast, with a lynksys cable modem with a single out ethernet jack, which I connect to the Apple Express. Alternatively, I can connect the Telo directly to the cable modem, excluding the Apple Express. This allows the Telo to connect with lights turning blue using the direct ethernet connection, but the wireless still will not work. Any suggestions as I really could use the wireless adapter to work here ?????
#97011 by murphy
Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:03 pm
I assume that you mean a 13 ASCII character password.
The alternative would be 26 hexadecimal digits.
The problem with this is that a character consists of 8 bits. The most significant bit of a character is a parity bit. There is no standardization of the parity bit. It can be always zero, always one, even parity, or odd parity.
Failure to connect with WEP is usually because the router expects something different than what is being sent.

WEP provides almost no secutity. Anyone that knows how could break WEP security in a couple of minutes whether the SSID is being broadcast or not. If at all possible switch to WPA2.

Failing that convert your password to a 26 digit hexadecimal string and put it in the router and all of your devices.

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