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#94031 by Cyberchat
Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:25 pm
mannino wrote:We are planning a brief vacation in the near future. Is it advisable to turn the Telo off while away? What might be the pros and cons?


A couple of other thoughts, are:
- Leave the OOMA Telo in operation and call in periodically to pick up your voice mail messages
- Leave the OOMA Telo in operation but go to the MyOOMA website and forward all of your calls to your cellphone
- If you will have internet service whereever you will be on vacation, take the OOMA device with you (and also a telephone handset) and connect it to the internet to continue to get your home phone calls and to be able to make no-cost calls

- OR, ......, do as you said, turn the Telo off and enjoy a vacation without any pesky phone calls :)

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