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#93804 by ando1
Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:31 pm
I have a VISTA 20P panel that is currently being monitored by Alarm Relay and have it connected to an OOMA Telo hub. I have had no issues for 2 years until about 6 months ago when someone from alarm relay called me and said that my panel was sending garbled messages to them and he wanted me to work with him to change the reporting format to 4+2 in addition to some other things which I can’t remember what they are now. We did this and then he said all was good. Last month I went to test my system and alarm relay told me that they were not receiving any messages, so after some troubleshooting, we found the report format (field 48) was set to CONTACT ID (7) so we reset it to 4+2 (2) and the central station started receiving messgaes again. Now there is a new issue that my panel is not receiving the “kiss-off” signal so it is dialing out multiple times. Alarm relay says that I will need to buy their internet adapter to solve this issue because my phone service is with OOMA and they are known to be problematic with alarm monitoring. My question is there something in the programming that could be causing this or the tech right in saying that all of the sudden after 2 years working OOMA is causing the issue.

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