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#14800 by scottlindner
Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:22 am
This is my speculation only, but I would agree that would be the only reason for it. Ooma wants to sell to consumers, not businesses. I suspect the reason is the average call volume for consumers is much lower.

Maybe Ooma should consider a business package? People certainly are desiring Ooma for many reasons.

#15188 by o6richter
Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:47 pm
I'm now getting dtmf through ooma (where before I got just a chirp then it cut off). again, I'm happy to test with anyone else on ooma both with a landline and an ooma number. If you want to experiment to see if they have fixed it for you, email me o6richteratgmaildotcom (I check mail 1x per week and usually weekends) and we can setup a time to check. I have access to a PBX with a DID trunk that was calibrated by the telephone company to have a flat frequency response so it has great dtmf recognition. Something did change on my ooma line where dtmf is working - I did file a trouble ticket with them so maybe somebody listened to that and the thread here.

#15206 by just4fn
Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:50 pm
me too. just clicks
#74354 by lbmofo
Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:36 pm
Jive wrote:

Looks like it should be available soon. *FINGERS CROSSED*

I use this for my home alarm system. I really thought it had to do with call quality for a while. Though it does seem to pass along at least the 1.

For the Telo, incoming DTMF is supposed to be supported already: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2642&start=60#p60889
For the Hub though, no support.
#74414 by nn5i
Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:00 pm
There have been many threads about this. On Hubs, most of them conclude, incoming DTMF tones don't work. On Telo, they do work. That's the consensus of many similar threads. They work, sort of, on my Telo; but they're shortened.
#90436 by murphy
Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:47 pm
glxyz wrote:Anyone get inbound DTMF to work on Telo? I can't send the 2 digit security code to my answering machine. It is blocked while the answering machine plays my announcement. Customer support claims that inbound DTMF isn't supported.

Customer Support is wrong. It was added in release 38948. See the first item.

#90445 by glxyz
Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:08 pm
I can't remotely access my home answering machine.

I have an Ooma Telo attached to a VTech cordless phone/answering machine at home. Inorder for me to remotely access the answering machine, I dial my home phone and the Vtech must detect a 2 digit security code that I press while the answering machine is playing my announcement. For this to work properly, inbound DTMF needs to work properly on the Telo.

I tried the following experiment dialing my sister who has the same Ooma Telo/Vtech setup. I can remotely access her VTech answering machine when I dial her Ooma telephone number using my Ooma/Vtech handset and punch in the 2 digit security code during her announcement. However when I repeat the experiment but this time dialing with my AT&T/iPhone 4S, I can't remotely access her answering machine.

I reverse the experiment and had my sister dial my Ooma/Vtech answering machine. She can remotely access my VTech answering machine when she dials with her Ooma/VTech handset and punch in the 2 digit security code during my announcement. However when she dials with her Sprint/LG cellphone, my answering machine doesn't detect the 2 digit security code that she punches in during my announcement.

Next I tried the same experiment with my brother who doesn't use Ooma but has the same VTech cordless phone system. I can dial him with either my Ooma/Vtech phone or my AT&T iPhone 4S and his VTech answering machine can successfully detect the 2 digit security code and allow me remote access.

When I reverse the experiment and have my brother dial my Ooma/Vtech answering machine, it can't detect the 2 digit security code that he punches during my announcement.

My conclusion is that the Telo is blocking inbound DTMF unless the call originates from another Ooma Telo. This becomes a problem for me when I am traveling. I can't remotely access my home answering machine with my iPhone.

Does anyone have a similar experience with their Ooma Telo?

Update on 1/13/2012
I spoke with 2nd tier Ooma customer support but they were ambiquous about whether or not inbound DTMF is or will be supported.

They suggested using Ooma voice mail when I am traveling instead of my Vtech answering machine. This will work provided I have some means to remotely change the settings of the Ooma voice mail to pick up all incoming calls.
Previously I would tried to do this by remotely turning off my Vtech answering machine by using inbound DTMF. However since this is not working, I now realize I can do this another way by using the mobile browser on my smart phone. I can use it to log-in to account and change the Ooma voice mail settings so that it picks up all incoming calls while I am traveling. I do this by reducing the Ooma voice mail ring count before it picks up to 2 rings so it picks up before my Vtech answering machine. This workaround is satisfactory for me since I can do it conveniently with my smart phone. I no longer have any reservations about my Ooma Telo and am very satisfied with the phone service it provides.
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