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#92513 by turbo9
Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:43 pm
I hope that estimate is over conservative.

I've ported my number and another one for someone else from Bell. It is overly conservative - I think both were about two weeks. Expect to be ported on a Friday, so I predict the 17th.

Good luck with them getting it right. My phone still had dial tone, but I got fast busy about 5 digits into any call. So, they left something on the line even though I did not use their DSL.
#92518 by EX Bell
Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:14 pm
Thanks turbo9. I really appreciate the detail. Feb 17 would be great if it turns out that way. I'm getting tired of looking up the temporary number, or going to recent call history. I don't have the uncanny skill my wife does for remembering phone numbers.
#92891 by EX Bell
Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:48 pm
Here's another update. It's not all bad, but it ain't all good either.
About a week ago my porting status estimate was updated to March 1. OK, no sense in updating my forum post just for one day difference. Well turbo9, I estimate you were right about time being 4pm on a Friday, but it wasn't Feb 17, it was yesterday. I came home an hour early yesterday because we were headed out for an early dinner with friends and I see this Bell truck leaving my neighborhood. Now I know that he probably wasn't at my house, but I get this feeling when I see the truck and besides, I've been anticipating this change.

So when I get home at 5pm, I pickup the phone still connected to the Bell line and there's no dial tone. I glance down at the Telo and it still has an internet connection. OK, that's not too bad, maybe it all worked. I call my old number and I get a fast busy. So then I pick up my new phone connected to the Telo and there's a dial tone. I hand up and call my temp Ooma number from my cell phone and it rings. Sigh. I phoned Ooma support (I waited only 20 seconds to speak to a rep by the way) and they say my number had not been ported to them yet. I phone Bell from my cell phone (since 310 Bell still doesn't work) and they tell me they see my work order, so they put me on hold. Twenty-two minutes later, I'm disconnected. Sigh.

I phoned Bell back and explain the whole thing again. They tell me that they see the work order (déjà vu) and the number is scheduled to port between 12-4am today, Saturday February 11. OK, so things are working out the way they should, sort of. We're waiting for our friends to arrive, so I install the Ooma Bluetooth adapter that I ordered which had just arrived that morning. Seemingly no problems, my wife's iPhone connects to it and I try a call to her phone. My Panasonic phones ring and the number shows up, but just the CID with my name as I entered it on So I connect my BB9700 to it and try a call from her cell to mine. I get Bluetooth Trans on the Panasonic phone. So our friends arrive and just before I walk out the door, I phone my old number just to see if by chance it's working yet. I know they said between 12am and 4am, but I'm not always patient.
To my surprise, it rings!

On our way back from dinner, we phone but get a fast busy signal. I try again when we get home, it says Bluetooth Trans on the phone and discover that it wasn't actually working at all. I try from my wife's iPhone and sure enough there's a fast busy signal. So apparently my Blackberry can't be used to make outgoing calls when it's connected to the Ooma Bluetooth adapter. Weak.

This morning I phoned Bell and give them the order number. They say their part is done. I phone Ooma and they now say they have my number from Bell Canada, but the porting is not complete and will be complete on Monday. I checked my account online with Bell and they now show only my Internet service and my wife's mobile phone. I just checked and it only shows the same status as before, "Port Initiated: Number port is estimated to complete on or before Mar 01, 2012".

Oh, and my internet download speed was 7.3 Mb/s and is now 4.3 Mb/s. So now I get to phone Bell Internet. Good times.
#92903 by turbo9
Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:17 am
Oh, and my internet download speed was 7.3 Mb/s and is now 4.3 Mb/s. So now I get to phone Bell Internet. Good times.

When I finally got rid of DSL, it was because of a conversation that went like this:

Me: My Internet is too slow
Bell: We say up to 6 Mb/s
Me: Then, I want 6
Bell: We can't give you 6
Me: You will sell me 6
Bell: Yes, you can buy it, but we can't deliver it
Me: Why?
Bell: You are too far - we can only get you 1 Mb/s
Me: But I am not getting 1
Bell: Yes, we shape you to 768 kb/s because at 1, there might be too many transmission errors
Me: This is a problem
Bell: No, it isn't - this is why we say up to 6 and we are giving you up to 6
Me: But you can't even deliver the "up to" of your lowest rate any more
Bell: We know

I negotiated a $10 month discount for six months retroactively. As soon as that was done, I cancelled. They cancelled the credit they just gave me. So, I cancelled my Bell cell and home phone as well.

So, good luck complaining about not getting the full amount you pay for. Standard practice with that company.

I booted Bell and went to Rogers cable. Since then, I have booted Rogers to go to TekSavvy Cable. Now, I pay for and get 24 Mb/s down, and 1 up (mostly because I wanted more "up" for voice quality) along with a 300 Gb monthly download limit. I get this for less money than either Bell DSL or Rogers Extreme Cable. I also see less latency (e.g. ping) with TekSavvy.
#92910 by EX Bell
Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:58 am
Thanks for the info. I imagine I'll have a similar conversation. I've been getting 7.3 Mb/s for 3 years consistently, so it will be hard for them to use the argument that they can't deliver it. I researched TekSavvy quite a bit before I even started down the path with Ooma. They seem price competitive and I've read decent reviews on them. They do seem to stink of ex-telco a bit. I don't like how they list modem charges separate for the 25 Mb/s service and they list band rate charges separate. Why not just tell me how much it's going to cost per month total in one price? I'm also not keen on having to purchase a modem for the 2,6,12 or 16 service or the $10 shipping charge. They really don't seem that much different than the other guys, other than the unlimited offer.

Hopefully I don't have to go this route, but like you experienced, they may force it themselves. What do you think of their overall service so far (i.e. Installation, sales, support, etc.)?
#92919 by turbo9
Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:48 am
I never looked at the TekSavvy DSL prices until just now. Pretty confusing.

With cable, it is straightforward. You select the combination of down, up and total data and you get a price. I wanted more than 500 kb/s up (Ooma suggests about 300 kb/s for voice), so I only had one option. Good or bad, you need to buy a modem - no renting. But, if you buy a TekSavvy Internet Starter Kit at Canada Computers, TekSavvy throws in one month of service and free activation - however, the modem costs $25 more than buying it through TekSavvy or just buying the modem outside of the package . I just looked on line and I don't see them offered any more, but my local store had a shelf of them a month ago. I think they also had TekSavvy DSL modems. Give your local store a call.

I like them so far. They are fantastic to talk to on the phone, although dialing their 877 number via Ooma is a bit of a challenge (see one of my other threads here: I called them to ensure that I could get their service before I booted Rogers and they had all the time in the world for me. They even took the time to figure out the answer to my "do you support IPv6" question when she had no idea what I was talking about. I have yet to call them back on any topic now that I am a paying customer (actually, I am still in my free month).

I like their model for Cable. They have few choices and they are not looking to put you into a low one and then charge you a fortune if you go over the download limit (Roger's did this to my Dad and he moves TekSavvy on Friday). Most importantly, the guy at the top is always fighting the big guys at the CRTC - this is one of the big reasons I am supporting him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I just downloaded a Ubuntu ISO (about 700 MB) via bit torrent. I averaged over 1 Mb/s (about 10 to 100 times faster than with Rogers) and it was down before I could finish my lunch. So, they are not throttling bit torrent on the weekend.

Although my bandwidth is larger, I think the actual response times are faster (e.g. a ping). But, I think the modem update might be part of speed up. I bet if I open up my modem, I just see a single chip there. It definitely runs cooler than my old one.

Maybe because that they are not inspecting and logging every packet for billing and traffic shaping purposes the packets get through faster.

Anyway, it is at least as good as Rogers. When I first put my modem in, I was getting over 40 Mb/s. Those days are gone.

From reading the CEO's blog, it looks like Rogers is pretty uncooperative in the Toronto market. I suggest you call them and discuss the situation. It seems like they won't sell to you if they can't ensure that you'll be happy. A nice touch for a telco.
#92959 by EX Bell
Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:07 pm
Done. Internet resolved and number port completed.
Starting at 9am, I spent an hour and forty-five minutes on the line with two Bell techs, a customer service rep and a supervisor, I was able to get my exact previous speed back. They say they still see a problem on the line, so they are sending a tech out tomorrow to check the line from the demarcation point to the pole. I don't really know what that's about. They said that three years ago and when the tech came out to check the line, he found nothing wrong. I imagine it will go the same way. Even faster would be a great bonus, but as long as they maintain the current speed, I'm satisfied. I'll play the game. One odd thing, the supervisor I spoke to gave me a number he said was my Dry-Loop number. It's akin to a 416 area code phone number, but it's not my old number. I guess they can't use my old number because it's with Ooma now, but their system is built on phone numbers, so that's what they have to use as a reference. I had read about this somewhere, with an AT&T customer I think. Anyway, if anyone else goes through this same scenario, remember to ask Bell for your Dry-Loop number, as they said it helps them quickly reference your account when you call in.

Once I had the internet resolved, I phoned Ooma because my number had not ported yet. I explained the expected port date on my account showed March 1, but that Bell had said their part was done and the number was released to Ooma. I had spoken to the Ooma rep on Saturday who said my number had been released from Bell Canada to Ooma, but the port was not finished, so when I told this to the Ooma rep I was now speaking with, she said to hold the line and she would try to find out the status with their porting department. While I was on hold, an email arrived on my Blackberry that the new port date was now March 8! I found that both alarming and odd at once. Then about 20 seconds later an email arrived that said my port was complete. About 30 seconds after that, the Ooma rep came back on the line and said my port was complete. After our call she asked that I unplug my Telo for 2 minutes and my number should work. I thanked her and then wrote down her name and reference number to the call. Always do this with every support person you speak to, with every company. If you are transfered to another person, get their name as well and the new reference number from them, and so on, as many times as you're transfered. Reference numbers can often change when you are transferred to a different person. Get them all. It's not enough just to get their name. They always have a reference number and if they don't, they can generate one. Above all, always be polite, always remain calm, and never hang up on the rep out of frustation.

Two minutes later I plugged it back in and after boot, it worked! My old phone number is now on Ooma. Done, right? Not exactly. I logged into my account with my ported number to check things out and make sure it all was correct. I found they had transfered my old temporary main number to my secondary number and my secondary number was now gone. I phoned right back and got someone within a few minutes wait. I explained the situation very carefully so the rep would not be confused and end up canceling my newly ported number. He was very polite, as all the Ooma reps have been, and asked me to give him a few minutes to make sure this was done right so the account didn't get messed up. He came back on the line and confirmed the change, asked me again to wait two minutes after our call ended and then unplug the Telo for two minutes. Everything should be correct after that. I again thanked him and wrote down his name and the reference number. Four minutes later, all was indeed good.

So there it is. For anyone who could stand to read my wordy posts, this is what to expect if you port a number from Bell Canada with a Bell ADSL internet service you want to keep. For now, I'm a satisfied Ooma and Bell Internet customer. Let's hope it lasts.
#93298 by EX Bell
Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:30 pm
Odd occurance last night. While in the account, I noticed that at some point my secondary number had reverted to my old temporary number again! Same thing that happened when my number first ported. What the...
I phoned customer service this morning and after a minute of explaining and careful confirmation that they got it right, my secondary number is now correct again. I asked what would make this happen and in typical Level 1 tech support manor, she said she didn't know, but it was corrected now and has she solved my problem satifactorily? :)

OK, so what gives? Why did this happen and do I now have to monitor my account every day to make sure my secondary number doesn't switch out and get thrown back into the pool? Is this something other people here have experienced? I searched, but it sounds like most people just let their temporary number move to the secondary number position when they port from their old provider. For me that's not going to fly because the old temp number is a Canadian number. My secondary number is a US number so my friends and family can phone me toll free.
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#93301 by EX Bell
Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:59 pm
I thought about that too. However the number that was not receiving calls was my Canadian number, not my US number.
Still, it could somehow be related. Maybe the Telo just had a brain fart. Idunno. For now, it's working again.

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