Scout having issues

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Scout having issues

Post by gellenb » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:01 am

I have an Ooma Hub and single scout that have worked great for years. The hub is working fine without any issues. The scout yesterday morning started flashing 4 fast red blinks. Not the normal slow continuous blink when the network is down. I reset it, it came up, got one call,and then went back to the four fast red blinks.
I had purchased two extra scouts a while back to install, but never found the time. So I put a replacement scout in it's place, programmed it on the Ooma portal and plugged it in. A few moments later it was working, and it worked all day long. This morning I have the same issue with the new scout, back to the four fast red blinks, and no issues with the hub.
These red blinks have to be indicating some type of an error, since they are different from the normal slow network outage blink. Is there any documentation as to what these codes mean?

Later today when I get time, I'll go over the system and do some additional test to try and figure out what is wrong where. It would be nice to know what the Scout is telling me with the four rapid blinks. Any info would be appreciated.

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Re: Scout having issues

Post by WayneDsr » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:29 am

Not sure if you have the Scout connected directly to the hub (side by side) or on house wiring. But if you are using house wiring, I'd connect the Scout directly to the hub with a different wire than you are using. If this works, it's your house wiring OR the wire you are using to connect the hub to the Scout (or Hub to the house wiring)

Since 2 Scouts are messing up, I would almost rule out the Scout and it could be more like the Hub or wiring in between.
Make sure you've power cycled the hub (off, wait a few minutes and turn it on) just in case this could be an issue.

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