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#88123 by bmccollum
Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:28 am
Long story short is that my parents have had Ooma service via the Ooma Telo for a year & they despise it.

The voice lag/delay has always been horrible & numerous calls to Ooma Support have resulted in no changes being made that have improved the voice lag/delay. It's legitimately atrocious.

There is also a horrible echo in their phones that has been completely unresolvable over the past year.

In short, they're done with Ooma. We have it & it works fine for us... they hate it though...

Anyone have personal experience with having the Ooma Telo & deciding to disconnect and cancel the service in order to switch back to traditional phone service (a traditional land line)? How easy & smooth was the disconnect & reconnect process? How easy was transferring your phone # from Ooma & back to the traditional land line provider? Also, were you able to resell the Ooma Telo to another individual in recouping some of your costs?

Many thanks for any information you can provide if you've gone through this whole process?

#88142 by thunderbird
Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:46 pm
Below is a link that should help your parents with the process of leaving Ooma.

Tell your parents that we are sorry to see them leave.

If you would post your parents probems, maybe the forum could help your parnets solve their problems.

Tell your parents good luck. :)
#88273 by DawnW
Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:20 am
Oh, I didn't notice the free handset with a year of premier before. Is that always there or is it a limited time offer?

If I can get this Hub replaced I may do that....$119 for the year and a free handset.
I know in the past I have been offered a year of premier for less.....maybe $60-$70??? But I haven't seen that offer in a while. Has anyone else?


thunderbird wrote:
DawnW wrote:I am reading that if you purchase a used telo you will need to pay a $79 re-activation fee, is that correct?


Yes. See for rates.

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