Transfer of ownership

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Transfer of ownership

Post by briborg » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:31 am

fyi, for those of you considering selling your device, there is a $79.99 reactivation fee for your buyer (rates are listed here: Note that this fee is required ONLY if you deactivate it first, which is unnecessary if you're selling to a friend or someone you know. When the buyer has access to your account and you're willing to help them out, then you can make all the necessary changes to your profile within the 'My Ooma' website to transfer ownership to the new user. For example, you can change your name, password, service account address, billing information, etc etc to this new person.

The whole point of this is for the buyer to avoid paying an extra $80, which in my case was a deal-breaker in terms of selling my equipment.

Here is the full chat log of my recent conversation with support, when I wished to confirm this situation:

[Begin chat]
Nowie: Thank you for contacting the Ooma Sales Department, how may I assist you today?

Brian: I own some Ooma equipment (Telo and handset) and wish to sell to a friend. I understand there is a $80 reactivation charge, but I don't wish to deactivate it at all. I just want to sell him the equipment and he can change the phone number and caller ID name. Is it possible to change ownership in this manner without deactivation/reactivation and the associated fees?

Nowie: Yeah.
You just have to give him your password so that he can change the profile himself and the cc info.

Now, he just needs to pay 19.99 to change the phone number.

Brian: Great - that's exactly what I was hoping for. I have no problem changing all of the profile information on the account (name, password, service address, billing information, etc etc) and so did not see any reason to deactivate the device and have this extra charge. Thanks!

Nowie: No problem!

duration 03:07

[End Chat]

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