Wireless Internet Inaccessible While Ooma Is In Use

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Wireless Internet Inaccessible While Ooma Is In Use

Post by Ernge » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:28 am

As the title states, when I am using my Ooma I cannot access the wireless network. From a little experimentation I've found that Ooma's connection takes precedence: if I am on the wireless laptop and someone makes a call on Ooma, I lose connection. If I am on the Ooma making a call, the wireless laptop cannot connect. The Ooma never loses the connection, though.

All of this reminds me of the not so good 'ol days of dial-up internet and me yelling at people to not use the phone while I'm on the internet and vice versa.

My hardware setup is as follows:

Cable Modem (Motorolla Surfboard with Charter Cable Internet) > Router (Belkin N150) > Ooma
(Note: There is no desktop connected to the router. All internet connections are via WEP encrypted wireless.)

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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Re: Wireless Internet Inaccessible While Ooma Is In Use

Post by lbmofo » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:41 am

Try unplugging the cordless phone base and use a corded phone and see: viewtopic.php?t=12344
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