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#87026 by philw132
Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:43 am
I have my ooma's main number multi-ring to my blackberry cellphone. i have it set to auto-turn on/off everyday. off at 11pm back on again at 8am to save the battery when im not using it. this has worked fine for years however i noticed a very strange glitch with that on multi-ring on ooma. i live in a big condo complex and we have a phoneline based intercom/door opener in the lobby. i had a guy at 7:30 trying to ring my intercom, however it just kept connecting him to the oomas voicemail. so luckly someone let him in the building. but he said whats wrong with your phone i cant get you on your cell or ooma and your door pager isnt working, so we try a few things with no luck.. then i turn my cellphone on, he calls ooma from his cellphone and boom, my phone starts ringing normally.

for the time being im turning off multi-ring.... any ideas why my ooma is doing this?

EDIT: just went to go shut off multi-ring and my call log on my ooma's website shows every atempt that was made, this was definitely a multi-ring issue (and btw first thing i did was to check if i had DND mode on, it was off)
#87028 by philw132
Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:56 am
ahh! Very good catch!

Thanks. thats exactly what the problem was. it makes perfect sense too. Im glad im able to keep the multi-ring on, i really like that feature.

Thanks again

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