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#86916 by Torquer
Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:50 am
I have had Ooma for a couple months now and it is wonderful, except for one big problem I have.

When I call a toll-free number from my Ooma phone, they apparently do not get my correct phone number on their Caller-ID system. This has happened now with two different banks when I called to activate a credit card I received in the mail. As part of their automated process, they must confirm that I am calling from my home phone number. But it did not work because they said I was not calling from home. When I call normal numbers (non-toll-free) from Ooma, the caller-ID number is correct.

The second time it happened, I asked the rep for the number it showed I was calling from. It turned out to be an area code in Florida, and I live in New York, so it wasn't even close. Before that, I thought it might be the temporary phone number I got when I started with Ooma (before porting my old land-line number), but it is not.

So has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what can be done to fix it.

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