Multi-Ring/Call Forwarding

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Multi-Ring/Call Forwarding

Post by Papaw » Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:53 pm

I installed my ooma hub and scout 4 days ago and, so far, am extremely favorably impressed. I was a little concerned this afternoon when I arrived home to the flashing red lights on both devices, but after a few re-boots, the comforting blue tabs were restored. Upon logging into the lounge, I learned about today's temporary internet outage in California.

But my real reason for this post is to seek assistance in setting up the Multi-Ring/Call Forwarding feature on both my primary & secondary ooma phone numbers.

I'm trying out the Premier Service Package via Costco's six-month extended trial period, and currently have two ooma-assigned numbers, one in my area code and one in my daughter's area code. If all goes well, I intend to replace the local number by porting in my current landline number (I'm not interested in integrating ooma with my landline).

I've set the Multi-Ring feature in the lounge, but it only works when the primary (local) ooma number is dialed. I called Customer Support and they suggested that I "assign" the second number to my scout and then try to set the Multi-Ring feature on it separately.

The problem is, I cannot complete the process of moving the second number to the scout. I can set up the new device name account, but when I click on the second phone number that currently resides with the primary number in the Shared Device section, then click on the drop down menu and choose the new device name and click on "save," nothing happens.

Also, I'm curious as to the downside of assigning the second number to the scout. One question that comes to mind is whether I'll still be able to accept calls on the second line by pressing my cordless phone's flash number.

Any ideas from seasoned ooma users or staff members will be appreciated.

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