Call Forwarding No Longer Works

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Lord Vader
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Re: Call Forwarding No Longer Works

Post by Lord Vader » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:23 am

I kinda wondered if that might be an issue, so I just called my dad and gave him Vonage's customer service #. He's going to call them and tell them that he's unable to get through to my #, a former Vonage customer. I waited to cancel my Vonage service until after Ooma ported my #, which finalized yesterday. The multi-ring forwarding problems I have had today were narrowed down to this Vonage situation. I called Vonage about 30 minutes ago to cancel my service effective immediately, and this solved the problem of not being able to MAKE calls to my folks--I have another thread on that problem (they have 2 lines at their house). However, they're still unable to make a call to my home #. Only the cell # rings.

Hopefully my dad calling Vonage today will fix this. We shall see.

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