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#85444 by physics52
Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:22 am
I enabled ooma mobile and installed the app on LG Optimus-T (android). I have a strong wifi connection at home. I start the app, login, get the blue status (means successfully connected), and dial ANY phone number. Then I get an ooma recording:
"This number is no longer in service." This happens for every single number I dial. I tried local, long distance, with the 1, without the 1, with the area code for local, without it, etc., etc.

[If I deliberately dial an invalid number (e.g., only 4 digits) I get the same voice saying the "number is invalid." So there is some intelligence on the ooma end.]

Why is this happening?

[How long does a feature stay "beta." Your betas seem to last forever! Even "Contacts" is beta after 3+ years!]

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