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#85298 by ooma_thurman
Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:40 am

I love my ooma, except for the following: Only 1 voicemail per line.

I am moving in with my girlfriend, and I'm bringing my ooma with me so that she can get rid of her home phone. The problem is that we have private lives, and we want separate voicemail boxes while utilizing the same ooma number. According to ooma, this is not available, so I'm looking for an alternative while using the ooma.

I've called voicemail companies, including evoice, and nobody seems to offer anything that would work, and this is somewhat shocking to me. eVoice does have separate boxes, but you have to call their number first, and then the vm gets transferred to the homephone, or in this case, the ooma.

We don't want to use an answering machine because of the poor quality in sound, no eMail notifications, and privacy if someone shall call while one of us is home and doesn't want to pick up. The other issue, as well, is that answering machines don't do well with call-waiting.

Thanks if you have suggestions.

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