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#84752 by thunderbird
Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:35 am
gacolen wrote:<<< The splitter is used to split my Cablevision coaxial cable (after it enters the house) between my TV and my cable modem.
<<< The splitter has been replaced three times, and also the coaxial cabling from the splitter to cable modem, so this is not the problem. The modem also has been replaced (with no improvement), so that is not the problem. The connection from cable modem to router is new and short. The Netgear router is new, so that is not likely the problem (could it be a setting in the router?). The cablemodem-router-telo1/telo2 are all on my desktop, right next to each other.

If the modem is what is loosing the Internet signal, than it wouldn't be the router.
gacolen wrote:<<< Why would there be no problem all day long, and then there would be a problem? Then the problem goes away again?

Maybe people nearby start using the Internet at around 5 PM and the extra load does it?
Some where there is probably an intermittent connection, probably in the Internet provider wiring coming in from the street to your home, to the splitter.
Normally a modem will restart by itself when there is a momentary Internet signal interruption?
gacolen wrote:<<< The modem doesn't lose power, it only loses the internet signal which does not restart until I reboot the modem.

Next time you loose the Internet provider signal, don't reboot the modem. Reboot the router first and see if the Internet signal returns. (If the Internet signal doesn't return, then reboot the Modem).
#85047 by gacolen
Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:53 pm
Cablevision dispatched a technician who was just here at the house. He walked outside to the green box, opened it up and said that the connectors and cable were probably the original from when we moved into the house 20 years ago, and they are worn out. He replaced a connector inside the green box and also the splitter on the outside of the house. He measured the power signal coming into the modem, and it is now 3 dB higher, which is good.

He is creating a service order for cablevision to replace the cable that is in the ground from the green box to the side of the house. He said that the cable is just sitting in the ground, but now they have bigger cables, and they put them in plastic conduit so they last longer. They also will support new services that cablevision will offer in future years. He said they will do the digging and replace the cable in the next two weeks.

So if replacing the connectors doesn’t fix the problem, we will have to hold out until they replace the cable in the next couple weeks.

Then hopefully the problem will be resolved!

Thanks for your help.

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