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#85276 by Charles R
Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:13 pm
shastastan wrote:Would it be worth Ooma's time to have a specialized customer service "section" to deal with this issue? I'm not sure if their sales would be improved by offering porting help or not.

When I originally looked at switching to ooma I didn't give it much thought. However being rather anal I started googling porting and it opened up a can of worms.

  • I read you might not be able to port your number.
  • I read you can't port if you have DSL on your line (it won't go through).
  • I read they will cancel your DSL if you port.
  • I found out even if you have DSL/phone you might be able to have a dry loop (presuming they are pushing those areas to U-verse).
  • Lots of other confusing stuff!
When I called AT&T things got worse. I tried to separate my DSL from my phone service and it's not possible. Numerous times they stated if I had phone service it would be attached to the phone line (account). So how can I port if I have DSL attached to it and porting won't go through?

Since I'm within my 12-month DSL agreement I can't cancel DSL or I would be liable for termination fees. They can't transfer it to a drop loop without canceling the phone line which I need to keep active during the porting process.

At this point I had way too many calls to AT&T and I was at a catch 22 and came close to saying forget it. However being beyond stubborn a few more calls later I ended up at the account closing department and a gentleman made it appear more than easy...

  • Request your port.
  • Once you have a date contact us and we'll transfer your DSL to a dry loop account.
Beyond simple! Apparently so simple (I'm still waiting for it to play out) that numerous customer care reps and their managers didn't bother to mention it or any other method of getting to where I wanted to be. Now perhaps if I never gave it a thought it would have magically resolved itself. Which is certainly possible. How common my case is I don't have a clue however if you go looking for details you'll find more confusion than facts. Having a reference somewhere explaining the process would go a long way.
#85337 by Charles R
Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:24 am
FYI: I put in my porting request Saturday (the 6th) and according to AT&T it should be completed on the 10th. That's certainly fast! Regarding DSL the disconnect department once again appeared to be in the know. He stated I could open a dry loop account and within a few days it would be installed. However since my line is still active it would be installed on another pair so I would have to switch wires (at the D-mark attached to the exterior of the house). It's rather easy and he showed me how (after the line was ported) or I could have them come out and do it.

Since I don't care if I'm offline for a day or two I decided to wait until the phone/DSL is disconnected on the 10th and the current line (pair of wires) is flagged free. Typically, it takes a day or so after disconnection to show up as clear. This way they can install the dry loop on the same set of wires and it should simply start working again without me doing anything.

He stated they would have to prorate my account either way since they will be different and even though I have two months left on my 12-month billing agreement I shouldn't be hit with any termination fee. If I was just call and they should be able to reverse it.
#85376 by tivoboy
Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:11 am
Confirmed cutover date? does ooma offer a confirmed cut over date? I started my port with ooma, haven't contacted AT&T yet, but ooma sent me a date of 9/1/2011 ON OR BEFORE?
#85381 by lbmofo
Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:54 am
tivoboy wrote:Confirmed cutover date? does ooma offer a confirmed cut over date? I started my port with ooma, haven't contacted AT&T yet, but ooma sent me a date of 9/1/2011 ON OR BEFORE?

"Port scheduled for completion" date is what you are looking for on this page:
#85389 by Charles R
Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:32 am
It's a three step process (the date assigning)...

- Port initiated - a wild guess by date once it's originally processed.
- Port scheduled for completion - actual porting date based on hearing from the current provider (I'm presuming).
- They send an email the day before with some info... your line might be down a while the day of the port, they will test the line and email you once it's been ported.
#85470 by Charles R
Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:43 pm
Anyone have a guess as to what's the typical in limbo time during the porting process? AT&T cut the line a few hours ago and it still rings a fast busy when called via my cell phone. Also, will my login remain the same once its processed by Ooma or would I then log in via my ported number?


FYI: I called AT&T to verify the landline account was closed and the rep stated my DSL account wasn't close (even though the service went down at the same time).

Update: I can answer my own questions. :) The port is complete (hopefully) as I can call the ported number fine and according to their email I do login via the ported number.
#85487 by tivoboy
Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:40 pm
Well, MAYBE this will work out, not sure yet. Called in to AT&T technical support, got billing. Told billing what I wanted to do, they said they could help with that? huh?

Anyway, they SEEMED to be able to manage the process.

they created a NEW account, with a dry loop DSL connection, same speed, lower rate, etc. This seems to allow the current FOC to continue under the old account which will be disconnected on 8/12/12. That all sounds good.

One issue though, is that apparently they WON'T be able to setup and activate the account till the 15th of august so a few days without regular internet.

they were NOT able to answer what the new DSL account activation process was, currently the modem authenticates with an email and password which I have had forever, which is my current EMAIL address, which I A) don't want to lose and B) is used for authentication. They couldn't tell me what the process to establish the new authentication on the modem will be which isn't a good sign.

I'm not sure why the install date is so far out, but i'm not surprised. Last time I TRANSFERED service, I was down for three weeks.

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