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#82107 by agoode
Tue May 24, 2011 6:46 pm
To start, let me say that I have gotten send and receive working perfectly on Line 1 of my Telo. My issue is getting it to work on Line 2. These are both lines on a single shared device. I am using distinctive ring to distinguish the incoming lines, and the **0, **1 codes to set the outgoing. I purposely did NOT use *99 in my tests, because Fax Mode should be enough (and it is in some cases).

I spent some time investigating the issue. Here are my findings after toggling fax mode on and off for each line:
  • Neither fax mode on line 1 or line 2 allows me to receive faxes on line 2.
  • Faxes on line 1 work perfectly (send/receive) when line 1 fax mode is turned on, and fail when fax mode on line 1 is turned off.
  • When fax mode on line 1 is turned on, I can send faxes on line 2 (prefix of **1).

  • Nothing is enabling fax mode for incoming line 2 calls.
  • Fax mode on line 1 controls outgoing faxes on BOTH lines.
  • Fax mode on line 1 controls incoming faxes on line 1 only.
  • Fax mode on line 2 has no effect.

This suggests to me that my setup is capable of sending and receiving faxes, but the line 2 fax mode setting is broken. (Line 1 fax mode setting is also buggy, since it affects outgoing calls when prefixed with **1.)
#82475 by rayquintana
Mon May 30, 2011 12:47 pm
I can't get the fax to work does any one have any suggestions?

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