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#6067 by bw1
Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:35 am
My port completed yesterday as well. I still had dial tone and could call out from my AT&T landline last night. I checked this morning and it's disconnected.

I tested and everything seems to be working ok so far.

Yesterday when the porting was in process, calling my landline number was resulting in ringing on the calling phone but the called phone wasn't ringing in the house some of the time and a busy signal some of the time and then a message that the phone was not in service. Something to keep in mind if you're planning on porting, you may not be able to receive phone calls on the day of the port. My ooma line and number were working all day though.

Also, I had to send an email to remind ooma to set my 2nd ooma premier number to the temporary number as I had requested in special instructions in the porting request email that I originally sent. They responded and set it up within an hour.

According to my last AT&T bill, I had paid for service through 4/9, so I should be getting a credit on my next bill.

Yea, no more phone bills!!!!

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