Telo handset and Google Voice

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Re: Telo handset and Google Voice

Post by Ely » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:05 pm

lbmofo wrote:Are you blocking your outgoing callerid in your privacy settings?
That must be it!! yes it was being blocked, I can't test it right now, but that's probably what it was, thanks!
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Re: Telo handset and Google Voice

Post by EA PA » Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:56 am

murphy wrote:You don't assign a number as shared or personal.
You assign devices (Telo base and Telo Handset) as shared or personal.
You then assign a number to the device.
If a number is assigned to the shared pool, it rings on all shared devices.
If a number is assigned to a personal device, it only rings on that device.

With two handsets you could have a shared Telo base and a shared Telo handest and a personal handest.
Sorry for falling off last night – was falling asleep at the wheel. Thanks for the clarification.

I fully understand how these work - now. In fact, I even tested how they work to verify that my original assumptions were incorrect. We keep going back and forth saying the same thing. Let me clear up my point one last time.

I have 1 Telo and 1 Handset. Devices are configured with 2 call numbers, 1 shared and Handset personal. At first glance in the Preferences, it appeared that both Telo phone port and Handset will ring from the shared number when the Handset is configured as a personal device. I assumed that based upon the Preferences display of both Telo and Handset depicted next to the word “shared” and also the associated phone number. I now understand that this is not the case.

My personal device is the Handset with a second phone number allowed by Premier service. The Handset is depicted next to the second number and the personalized pet name of the handset.

Based upon the assumptions above, I originally assumed that the capability exists for the shared number to ring both Telo and Handset when the Handset is also assigned as personal. Clearly, this is not the case.

My issue and follow-up comment was that the Preferences / Phone Number display is confusing and somewhat misleading. I am sure that it is clear from the inside out, however it can be confusing for a noob in Preferences. The Preferences / Phone Numbers display could be clarified to eliminate confusion.
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