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Fax pick up on extension phone

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:43 am
by drmlmeier
I've got
1 Hub with only the fax connected to it, set on manual.
2 Scouts each with a single-line cordless base connected.

I would like to be able to answer either of the phones, hear that somone is faxing me and trigger the fax machine to recieve.

If we pick up the integrated phone on the fax and it is a fax being sent the fax machine will hear the tone and start.

I've tried using the remote recieve code on the the other phone to trigger the fax to recieve but that doesn't seem to work.

Will this work with one of my cordless bases also connected to the Hub via splitter?

Do I need to go with a second Hub for the fax and have it set to recieve faxes automatically and assign the fax number to that Hub?

Thanks for any input,