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#78136 by lbmofo
Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:57 am
This is done all the time. Wireless to wireless usually takes less than 5 minutes but landline to wireless takes at most 2 business days.
#78151 by lbmofo
Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:23 pm
lbmofo wrote:If you need to take incoming faxes, is a great free VM and incoming fax service. Only catch is you have to keep the number active every 30 days; just call yourself every 30 days and leave a message. Unfortunately, you can't forward your Google Voice to your K7 number because there is no way to validate your K7 number on Google Voice.

Just tried again to configure a customized greeting with K7 to include a 2 digit DTMF GV verify code so that I can verify my K7 number with GV. No luck.

Although you can't use GV to forward to K7, if you have Premier, you can certainly forward your 2nd number to K7 in order to receive faxes in your email inbox.

In order to forward your 2nd number, you'd need to assign your second number to a personal device. With Hub, you just need to assign your 2nd number to a Scout. No biggie; not much lost. However, with Telo, you either have to tie up a handset (assign 2nd number to a handset) or tie up the phone port (assign 2nd number to the Telo).

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