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#92557 by djpociask
Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:39 am
OOMA tech support totally ignored me when I complained about my handset battery problem and had me re-enroll my handset which did nothing to clear my problem. The battery would lose it's charge within 10 minutes of removing it from the cradle in standby mode.

I took my handset to Batteries Plus where they found a battery that would fit the handset and welded the battery leads from the original battery onto the new battery. Total cost was the price of the battery $13.99 plus tax.
#92758 by nebebo
Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:00 pm
I to am having this same problem with the handset batteries.
I have 3 handsets and they last 60 minutes or less on full charge. all 3 phones are 12 months to 24 months old.
My non ooma cordless phones last longer then the ooma cordless and are going on 4 years now. How sad is this for a ooma phone battery. The ooma phone does have better sound.
#92877 by jxurba
Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:00 am
I also have 3 handsets of the following ages: one over a year old the other 2 just a few months old and I am having trouble with all 3. :x I also think is related to battery. What's worse is that they also often die while sitting in charger. How does that happen? :x What I have to do is disconnect the battery - allow to sit for quite some time and then re-connect battery, place back in charger and then will come to life again but usually just for a short while - then repeat the cycle. I am very frustrated with the reliability of these handsets as I work from home and use for business purposes. You can imagine how i feel when on a work conference call and handset simply dies mid sentence while in charger... I really need a better, more reliable answer. Do I need to next purchase a wired phone and then can only use while in room with teleo. Anyone have any suggestions? Is a very critical issue for me and I am open to suggestion. Voice quality has been fine so not unhappy there just need a more reliable answer. I am using the premier service. Thx!
#92879 by dsinternet
Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:50 am
I am having the same problems with my handset. I am looking forward to the new handsets that where at the CES. See link below ... ndset-ces/

Looks like Ooma learned a lot from their first try at handsets. This new one looks awsome. Can't wait until. The artical says they will be out in March. (Note to Ooma: please don't rush an buggy product to market...please get it right and then release the quality product that we can be proud of owning)
#94412 by johngg
Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:10 am
I've purchased a 3.6 700mAh battery online but the connector is too large. Ooma HB 1001 is no longer sold because Ooma Telco handset will be upgraded to a new generation. I think we are expected to discard our current and purchase a new phone.
Does anyone know where a battery is available online or wherever?
#94419 by thunderbird
Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:34 am
johngg wrote:I've purchased a 3.6 700mAh battery online but the connector is too large. Ooma HB 1001 is no longer sold because Ooma Telco handset will be upgraded to a new generation. I think we are expected to discard our current and purchase a new phone.
Does anyone know where a battery is available online or wherever?

Some people are saying that they splice the old battery connector and wire assembly, onto the new battery wire assembly. Be sure to connect the positive wire to the positive wire, and the negative wire to the negative wire.

Also see topic: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12695
#94574 by mtnmedic
Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:35 pm
Now I need a new battery for my Telo handset. It's been 1.5 years and it's not holding much of a charge. I just chatted with customer service. THEY NO LONGER SELL BATTERIES. Stupid, considering this is a PROPRIETARY connector. Should've stuck with a comon standard for connectors and batteries. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb..
#94832 by swanleasing
Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:35 am
We're having the same problem at our office. We have two Telo handsets, neither one works consistently. One of them will sometimes work for about 5 minutes, but will drop calls longer than 5 minutes, and will go blank/dead immediately after hanging up shorter calls. Other times it won't work at all, or will go to dead air when you try to answer a call. The other handset goes dead as soon as you lift it from the charger. We've called Ooma repeatedly, and their tech support always tells us to reset/re-register the handset... because obviously that will magically fix the batteries!

We've also tried aftermarket batteries, but they won't stay charged either. It appears that the charging circuit itself is faulty (either in the handset or in the wall wart power supply).

We're basically down to using the telo for emergencies only (when line 1 is busy and we REALLY need to answer line 2). Tech support has been useless on this. I was hoping there was a new version of the handset available, or a Telo version of a scout, or some other solution, but my search only brings up this thread, various bad reviews, and other threads on the support forums discussing how bad the Telo handsets are.

We've used Ooma for a while and have had several different boxes from them, we would like to continue using them but we really, really need a working 2nd line! We're almost ready to go back to the old white box and scout, but the call quality isn't as good as the Telo. Basically, we're happy with everything except the stupid Telo handsets! Ooma needs to recognize/admit the problem and either come up with an actual solution or do a general recall.
#94947 by renatae
Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:16 pm
jxurba, we have done what many others have done to expand their Ooma sets - we already had a Panasonic multi-handset rig, and we connected the Panasonic base unit to the Ooma Telo box and placed our Telo handset elsewhere. So now that our Telo handset is terrifically unreliable due to the battery issue, the Panasonic sets are the home office go-to.

When our Telo handset kills itself while in the charger, the only solution is to take out the battery and leave it out for some time, then replace the battery and place the handset back into the charger. This solution generally lasts a while, but if I forget and don't remove the battery when the charge lasts only a few minutes, I continue to have daily trouble. :x

When we first got the handset, I left it out of the base during the day and only in the charger at night and had no problems. I think I'm going to have to try doing that again and see if things improve. Since we don't often use this particular phone for any length of time and it usually sits on the charging base, perhaps our problem is overcharging.

It's very frustrating, and I'm really looking forward to the new Telo handset. I sure hope the technology is really improved and this is not just another lemon OOMA is sending our way. Thank God for Panasonic.

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