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#75373 by kuyan
Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:25 pm
for anyone still reading this, since i'm the one who started this message thread, this is an update.

1. ooma time incorrect by more than an hour now

2. checked our Netgear wifi router. time is correct there on router
3. computers, ipodtouch, kindle, ipad all connected via wifi (also set iphone to only wifi)- time all correct on devices

4. tried changing the time on a computer as suggested in a previous message
5. ooma time still incorrect

6. SOLUTION - REBOOT THE OOMA TELO BOX (meaning unplug Ooma Telo Box for about a minute, then replug)
7. time automatically reset to correct time on Telo Handset - didn't take out the battery there

8. but time still incorrect on Caller ID Display device connected to wired old-style desk phone in the living room
9. called in to our ooma telephone number - time reset to correct time on the wired Caller ID Display device

10. happy times yea!

so the interim solution (pending any upcoming bug fix) is to simply reboot the Ooma Telo box and then call into your phone number.

looking back on this, it's kind of a "duh"-why-didn't-i-think-of-this-in-the-first-place solution. lol
#143959 by Calab
Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:39 pm
This is still an issue... Whenever I get a phone call, the caller ID timestamp is wrong and it messes up the time displayed on my phones. :x

Currently, the time is 3:00pm, but my phones are displaying 2:20pm. This is definitely not a time zone issue.

Yes, resetting the Ooma Telo will usually fix the issue, but the problem is that the time is wrong on one or more of the Ooma servers. This should be easy for them to audit, but I don't think that their NOC is being told of the issue.

PLEASE Ooma, tell your NOC that some timestamps on the caller ID are wrong and that they should check their servers!
#144544 by KUB
Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:36 pm
Agreed, the issue still exists. My cordless AT&T phone base gets the correct time through caller ID. However, the time and date are correct but not the year. It is clearly a Telo issue that needs to get fixed. The Telo setup clearly is in the correct time zone.

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