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#74323 by RLS
Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:39 am
My phone is not working okay today. In fact the outbound call delay is over 20 seconds. Come on Ooma what gives? Do you know what the problem is and is there anything you can do to solve it soon? :x

I called 503-537-2658 and 503-885-5111 this morning and both numbers experienced the dreaded outbound call delay.
#74324 by RLS
Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:08 am
There are at least two other support forum topics which cover the same outbound call problem. When you put all three of these threads together you get one much more serious problem. Ooma what is going on? Please keep us posted, otherwise we will lose faith and be forced to find another telecommunications solution. It does seem as though you are working on it but I don't know if I have the confidence to believe you can fix it. Just how long do you expect us to wait while our telephones don't work? :x
#74330 by RLS
Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:37 pm
FYI: This morning my Ooma box was flashing red the central Ooma logo and only line 1 and Line 2 blue lights were on. I reset the Ooma box by unpluging the power cord and plugging it in, otherwise known as hard reboot.
#74335 by RLS
Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:34 pm
FYI: At this time the delay is still there if I just dial out normally. However if I use the *99 prefix the call goes through okay.
#74369 by danlisman
Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:51 pm
danlisman wrote:
thunderbird wrote:The I/They can’t her Them/Me problems seems to have erupted in full force again. When this happens, what seems to be the best solution is for everyone to contact Ooma Customer service and report your symptoms.

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

I reported my symptoms, and they were not interested.

I have the outbound problem where the first 8 seconds are missing from both sides of the conversation. This amounts to the receiving caller saying: hello, Hello, hellO, HELLO, HELLO, GOODBY, GOOOOODBYYY and hangs up. All I hear is silence and then no connection. I can't even tell that they ever answered.
This afternoon, I called Ooma for help. They told me to get upgraded to a faster upload speed. I admit that the upload speed was low (0.11 Mb/s) when I ran the test WHILE we were using the Ooma line, but stand alone test was good (0.42 Mb/s) when not using the Ooma phone. They said that was not good enough and they could not help me.
Is there a benefit to upgrading ABOVE normal requirements?? I think I am spending enough already.


Today I tried my main problem number and it worked perfectly. I did not make any changes, and did not try *99, so I hope the things that Ooma has been working on continue the great results. Since I have only been with Ooma for a couple of weeks, I am not sure what to expect. If dependable usability is less than 95 percent compared to AT&T, my wife will not let me hear the end of it.
#74407 by RLS
Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:53 am
FYI: Well today is no better. I am still having issues with my telephone. Now both outbound and inbound. :(
#74426 by hisownfool
Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:26 pm
My phone seems to be working well. I got an email from ooma stating that they had fixed the problem and it seems that is the case. To be fair to ooma, I also switched my ISP from FiOS back to Cox. I had been having some problems with FiOS -- Cox's latency, measured in ping times, is one-sixth or less that of FiOS'. The combination of ooma's efforts and the switch back to Cox seems to have resolved my problem.
#79802 by Arkadi
Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:19 pm
Was there ever a fix for this problem? My Telo is about 6 months old and I am having the outgoing delay problem as well as calls dropping after a certain amount of time (used to be 45 min, now 15 min). My ISP is Verizon Fios

Thanks for any help!
#79825 by thunderbird
Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:56 am
Arkadi wrote:Was there ever a fix for this problem? My Telo is about 6 months old and I am having the outgoing delay problem as well as calls dropping after a certain amount of time (used to be 45 min, now 15 min). My ISP is Verizon Fios

Thanks for any help!

Check and see if you have the latest Ooma Telo 45073 Firmware update. Ooma Telo 45073 Firmware update corrected some of these problems that some people are having.
The easiest way to check for Ooma Telo Firmware 45073 update is to press any of the buttons on the face of the Ooma device. If you hear tones or voice messages, you have the new Ooma Telo Firmware 45073 update. Tone and voice was an added feature of this update.
If you don't have the firmware update, it will be automatically "pushed" out to you this week.

Sometimes just unpowering and powering your cordless phone base will help.

How is your Ooma device configured, Modem-Ooma-Router or Modem-Router-Ooma?

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