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#5181 by frenchcamp49er
Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:31 am
Falcon wrote:My port recently completed from AT&T. It took longer than I would like to have seen it take (5 weeks). I suspect it was likely impacted by delays on both sides of the provider fence. But it successfully completed. I paid an extra month of my old phone bill beyond what I would like to have seen, but I am generally pleased with the final outcome.

It is a little frustrating during the process. It does currently seem to take longer than it should. Not knowing where your port stands, who has the ball, and when it will be completed is understandably disconcerting. If only one party was involved it would likely be a smoother process (not that it could work this way, just saying IF). In retrospect, I wonder if having known when the ball was passed to AT&T I could have intervened and nicely asked them for some priority. Just an afterthought.

I'd hope the OP's case was the exception to the rule, and its unfortunate they had such an experience.

However, in the end, at least for me, porting was the way to go. All things considered, I'm glad I did. Your mileage may vary.

Yes way too long, I am on my NINTH week of waiting.

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