Port Forward/Bit torrent

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Port Forward/Bit torrent

Post by telim » Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:04 pm

I just recently changed my setup from Internet>Modem>Router>Ooma Telo to Internet>Modem>Ooma Telo>Router and that fixed my echo problem that I had for awhile. But using the the new configuration (Ooma Telo in between modem and router) has risen a new problem for me. I used to be able to just access my router from the web and change the IP address of the computer that I want the port forwarded to get the maximum download speed available to me when I download with say Bit Tornado. Is there a different way to port forward in the Ooma Telo setup? Or will I have to have the Ooma behind the router if I want the fastest download speed possible?

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Re: Port Forward/Bit torrent

Post by thunderbird » Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:48 am

What you're trying to do could be difficult.

What are your modem manufacture and model number, also your router manufacture and model number?

What kind of phone(s) do you have?

At times there could be a reduction of download speeds when going through the Ooma device.

You might be able to correct your echo problem just by changing to cordless DECT 6 phones.
(Sometimes replacing the network cables from your modem to the router to the Ooma device, to cat6 shielded network cables, will help with echo, but not totally).

Than move your Ooma device back behind your router.

These are just suggestions. They may or may not help in your case.

Good luck

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