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#72665 by Frogdaddy
Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:08 pm
Pay 16.95 a month in monitoring. Cheap. Saving 45.00 with ooma.
I have a fa215 (console) first alert security system with a FA162C alarm panel. The wall jack that ooma hub is plugged into now feeds its way back to MOD-T410 module at the telco input within my media box (cable tv and other phone distribution).
The entire house is cat-5e. So all wires are punched down. The old wire from outside was removed from telco position and I replaced with ooma feed. So, I assume the RJ31X will get the dial tone first if needed? From RJ31X of telco box it goes to alarm panel where whatever pair is needed is connected. I'm sure it doesn't matter since cat-5e is used. I've got all wires punched down on telco regardless of pair used by alarm panel, yes? But not sure if it will dial out to monitoring station because of ooma dial tone. Not sure how to add pause to work around that (# + 13 for a pause
(2 seconds))? Occasionally I'm getting fax pickup when I call the house sometime. So that means something. Haven't tested the system at all for calling monitoring station. Will do at some point. Obviously not too concerned since I've got backup security measures :cool:

But today got a FC on display. This stands for Communication Failure:

The panel will make a total of eight attempts to the primary telephone
number and eight attempts to the secondary telephone number (if
programmed) to get a valid message through. If the panel is not successful
after its numerous attempts, the keypad will display Communication
Failure (Alpha keypad) or FC (Fixed-word keypad).

Sorry it's lengthy but perhaps there is a half backed solution. Otherwise what I'm saving with ooma I'll be spending for wireless monitoring.

#72889 by DTMF
Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:37 pm
thunderbird wrote:Not sure what you're asking. But prefix *99 works for dialing out for Dish Network Receiver.
Even with *99, I was not able to get Ooma to work for my security system. My alarm company installed a $99 box that simulates a phone connection and lets the system connect directly to the monitoring center over the net.
#73205 by Frogdaddy
Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:16 pm
Sorry for the question that's already been answered. I'll look into my alarm company. I was hoping to get it to work like others have tried. I just dread paying $35 for a wireless solution.
Thanks all.

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