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#71037 by Shawn
Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:57 pm
EricJRW wrote:Last thought... Would the ooma app (for iPhone) help in any way? Maybe paired with Google voice? I'm kinda new to both these concepts, but just wanted to toss the idea out.

I only have an iTouch and I have not actually purchased Ooma apps yet. From what I understand, one can make Ooma calls with the app when there is wifi.

As far as Google Voice (for phone calls not sms), I don't think it will work easily outside US. To receive calls, one needs to have a working US number for GV to ring. To make free US calls, one needs to dial into the GV number or a working US number for GV to connect back.

I guess with wired internet, one can still use Gmail call phone to make free US calls. Since Gmail call phone is blocked outside US and Canada, you need to go through a US proxy server in order to have it show in your Gmail.
#71195 by EricJRW
Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:39 pm
Shawn wrote:
lbmofo wrote:EricJRW, Shawn is looking for a way to get wifi for the iPhone app when there is only wired internet available at the hotel.

lbmofo understood exactly what I am after. Hotel supplies wired internet, netbook has ethernet port and is running windows xp. I am trying to get wifi to run iPhone app without added luggage and new hardware beyond the netbook.

In the thread from my original post, there is a way to get wired connection for an Ooma equipment in a wireless environment using a pc, I thought the reverse could be possible. That is the solution I need.

Look into using the wireless in the Netbook as an "adhoc" network (network wizard should be able to set this up). I've typically used this as a device-to-device connection to transfer files (via a shared folder). What I'm hoping is that you can create an ad-hoc wireless network on the Netbook, allow the iPhone to connect to this network... Then share the the wired connection and I'm hoping that the iPhone can now have a way to access the wired connection via an ad-hoc network. If I get a chance I will try to try this over the next couple of days. Getting ready to head out of town, and my trip may include setting up a wireless network at my mom's house. If I ending up messing with networks, I'll give this a try.

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