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#70488 by rickgw
Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:50 pm
In almost all cases where outbound calls are problem-free if the other party picks up -
If it goes to voicemail we never hear the voicemail message of the receiving number.
Experimentation has shown that if we wait some unknow period of time we can leave a message and its stored
but this is hit or miss as we don't know how long to wait.
Biggest pain is with 3 kids all on Verizon Wireless, but happens elsewhere.

Any ideas?
#71192 by rickgw
Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:31 pm
About which account ...

I almost never make outgoing calls on xxx-757-xxxx so I couldn't say if the problem is there.
The only voicemail I've ever encountered from that line is one Sprint cell - and I hear the message.
Its basically a low usage survival line

All the issues have been on the xxx-753-xxxx line.
#71204 by stevepierce
Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:52 pm
Hi Rick,

The problem doesn't affect all exchanges. It seems to be more related to which carrier is currently hosting that line. With number portability you can have two numbers on the 753 exchange and both be on very different carriers.

Ooma ought to be tracking which numbers are reporting the problem.

We could build a database of the problem numbers, but we don't want to make them public, I guess Ooma could setup a call reporting system where people could report the numbers they are seeing problems with iCHOP.

What we need to collect is
Originating number.
Called number
Then a special note if using Google Voice and what is the Google voice number
Date and time of call

We would need to come up with a way to standardize time Either GST or local time when reporting the time.

- Steve
#71216 by oomg
Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:27 pm
Who the "we" is should be less important than attempting to find a logical way to help isolate and/or identify the problem, and the source of the problem (whether internal or external). Gathering the information in a standardized format would likely help. Those who have been on this forum for an extended period as well as those who have participated in various beta tests have contributed significantly to identifying and solving problems. No reason to stop now. So, I certainly have no objection to the specific information being collected by Ooma administration for the purpose is identifying and/or resolving issues that will ultimately result in a better product/experience for everyone. And while any third person is free to conduct their own sampling, and develop their own theory as to the nature of any [alleged] issue, I would think it would provide a more accurate view of the various [alleged] issues that any user might be experiencing if such information were sent directly to Ooma administration.

p.s. Those of you who may have read this post prior to my edit will notice a change in my position. In retrospect, I tend to agree that "we" should do our best to provide Ooma admin with as much information as possible to identify any perceived issues relating to our equipment or service. "We" do not need to attempt an end run.

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