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#70314 by wld
Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:07 pm
I have a hub and a scout. Both are active and appear to work fine. I've ported both my phone numbers from Vonage, and I can call both numbers from an outside line (like a cell phone) and the phones in my house all ring. I've still got about 20 days left of my Premiere trial, and I'd rather not keep it as I don't see any features of Premiere that we'd really need or use. Our Vonage service had a boat-load of features, and we rearely used any. We just needed working phones to make and take calls on, not all the bells and whistles.

Here's my problem:
My main number (the house number) is assigned to the Hub in My Ooma. When dialedfrom an outside line, it rings on line 1 as expected. The hub has a cordless phone set plugged into it.

My second number (home office number) is assigned to the Scout in My Ooma. When dialed from an outside line, it rings on line 1 which I did not expect. I'd have thought it would ring on the desk phone on line 2 and only at the Scout since that is where the number is assigned.

So, I'm confused at how this is supposed to work. My understanding, based on how My Ooma is setup and laid out, is that the number assigned to the Hub would ring at the Hub (and in my case, on the cordless phone) and the number on the Scout would ring only at the Scout (on the desk phone). This isn't the case as dialling either number rings on line 1, and all the phones ring at the same time (cordless and desk phone).

This doesn't seem right based on how the setup stuff appears to be, and I'd be terribly surprised to find out that this is indeed how it should work instead of how I think it should work.

Am I expecting the Hub and Scout to do something they aren't made to do? Did I maybe setup something wrong or configure it wrong in My Ooma or something?
#70315 by murphy
Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:25 pm
You either set it up wrong or you got one of the Scouts that has the wrong serial number on the bottom.
If you don't sign up for Premier it's a moot point since the second line will go away when your trial ends.
#70319 by lbmofo
Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:20 pm
In order to keep 2 numbers assigned to your account, you'd need to be a Premier subscriber.

To assign your 2nd number to your Scout, check this out: viewtopic.php?t=2030

To keep the 2 numbers you ported without signing up to Premier, you can get anther Ooma and call CS to have them assign your 2nd number to the new Ooma device.
#70322 by murphy
Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:37 pm
wld wrote:How can the line go away when I paid to port it?

And how did I set it up wrong? What do I need to look at it? What setting?

You must have Premier to have two or more phone numbers.

First you create a scout personal device using the serial number of the scout.
Then you assign the phone number to the personal device.

If that doesn't work, call support and ask them to verify the serial number that your scout is reporting.
Many scouts were shipped with the wrong serial number on the bottom.
#70772 by oomg
Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:01 am
Since I have a similar set up, I might be able to help you resolve some of your confusion.

First, don't confuse Ooma's two line (number) feature with a typical two line set up (which will light up a dedicated line on the telephone unit). Ooma works a little different. Irrespective of which number is being used (inbound or outbound) if no other calls are being made on the Ooma system, that number will default to the "1" position on both the Hub and Scout which will activate a solid red or a flashing red, depending on which number is being used for the call. If a call is already in progress on one line, the second call will default to the "2" position on both the Hub and Scout.

It takes a little time to get used to this pattern, but it really is simple once you get used to it. In my particular application, I have both the Hub and Scout at my home office desk. A cordless base station with five additional satellite units is attached to the Hub. The line from the "wall" port on the Hub is split so that one is connected to the old internal telephone wiring at a wall jack, and the other goes to a Scout at my desk which is dedicated as my personal home and office telephone number. Only the ringer on my personal home office number is activated, so if it rings, I know it is my personal number (irrespective of which number lights on the Scout). However, since the cordless unit attached to the Hub will light up I can tell if a call is coming in on the family number (since the ring tone is different for each, I could activate the ringer, but generally, do not want to be disturbed by those calls unless no one else is home).

Taking it a step further; remember that line from the "wall" port on the back of the Hub that is connected to the wall jack of my old phone system? Well, I have a second Scout located in another room which is connected through that wiring, and which is attached to a second cordless base station with a total of four units. (Yes, your math is correct... that's a total of ten cordless units placed strategically throughout the home. And don't forget, I can still add two more Scouts.)

IMHO, the ability to segregate the two numbers available with Premier service is the big advantage of the Hub/Scout system. Not only can one dedicate the numbers as has been suggested, but two separate calls can be made at the same time using either number. Yes, so long as I am not on my dedicated second number (i.e., my personal home/office number), two separate calls (incoming or outgoing) can take place on the primary number so long as different cordless systems are used to make or accept those calls. Try that one with your POTS.

My Ooma system has be in place for almost two years now. It has greatly exceeded my expectations. I think I would feel lost without it.

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