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#70176 by mikeyd
Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:39 am
First, I'm not very computer savy.

My FIOS internet is crawling and comes to a halt when using placing calls with my Ooma.

I have this following setup: FIOS Actiontec Router/Modum first, my hardwired desktop and Ooma are plugged into this router/modum. To be clear - the home computer is not hooked into the HOME port on the Ooma, they are each plugged into an open plug on the router/modum.

Ooma tech support told me there was nothing wrong from their end, and FIOS tech support said the same.

I obviously can't have it where the Ooma stops the internet when on the phone and slows it considerably when idle.

Unplugging the Ooma restores fast internet speeds.

Thanks, Mike

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