Problem resolution required, for long time subscriber

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Problem resolution required, for long time subscriber

Post by Cliffy44 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:30 pm


Good morning.

I have been delighted with non-problematic Ooma telephone service, since I was able to survive a somewhat problematic cutover, some time ago (exact date escapes me).
It took another 5 or 6 months for the Caller ID subscriber information to show correctly on my Scout number (while my Hub Caller ID - has always has showed correctly - as should it continue to).

In the past, resolving customer conflicts with Ooma has been problematic; and I'm sincerely hoping that Ooma has since refined and improved it's customer service resolution protocol, which seemed to have been due to the newness of Ooma, then.

On the evening of Saturday November 27th, 2010, a call came in to my Scout's number and was immediately forwarded to the cell number that was set up to have calls forwarded to, for that number, in the event of an Internet or other Ooma outage.

When I attempted to call my cell phone from my Scout number, the Caller ID showed on my cell phone, as if I had called it from my Hub number. And, when I called from my cell to my Scout number, just as had happened, when an outside caller had called earlier, the call was forwarded to the appropriate cell number associated with the Scouts forwarding protocol; as set up, in my "MY Ooma" account page, on the Internet.

I am not understanding why my Scout is no longer operating the way that it has been, since the nightmare of customer service interaction had since been finally resolved.

I have convinced a number of associates to enter into the Ooma family; and, I would think that since I did this out of the kindness of my heart, and not seeking any monitory incentive from Ooma to do this, that whatever "glitch" that I am now experiencing at my Scout can be much more easily resolved, than when resolution was needed, when Ooma was still in the formative stages.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get back to me as soon as humanly possible with an explanation as to what has caused this technological dilemma to happen, along with a hassle-free ways and means of swift and efficient resolution.

I do sincerely appreciate your time and interaction in this matter and I anxiously await your phone call, with spoken instructions on how to resolve this "glitch", at the same time as I am receiving your phone call.

AND, if this is something that you are able to resolve, before we speak, may I impose upon you to call me with the details of what went wrong; and what was done to resolve this issue.

Thank you again; and have a GREAT day . . .

(copy of E-Mail sent, with subscriber names and numbers removed)

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