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#69436 by diddlydoo
Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:28 am
After all the rave reviews I bought ooma.

So far after having for over 6 months I still can't get my name to show up on caller ID and no one seems to get back to me on this. They say they will look into but I never get any responses until I forget about it.

Now I'm having blocked calls still ring. So does blocked calls also not work? I know I had this issue before and was told it was fixed but I guess not.

What's the deal? I pay 120.00 for premium but what good does it do?

I got rid of my other VOIP because I spent so much time with customer service when things didn't work so I thought how nice to have Ooma and it be care free like everyone raved about.

Sorry I'm just needed to vent. I hate when you pay for things and they don't work or you have to spend so time with customer service.

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