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#68320 by bmessing
Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:47 pm
In My Ooma/Preferences/Phone Numbers I have two entries: "Shared" with one phone number and the Scout I set up as a personal device with the other phone number. My intent is to use the hub to drive line 1 on my phone and the scout to drive line 2 (I use 2-line phones). How can I turn the first device from "Shared" to "Hub"? This option does not appear in the "Manage Phone Numbers" dialog that appears when I click on the phone number. Since I can't do this, my two lines behave as one. Worse, actually. If I'm on a call on one line and I punch the button on my phone to switch to the other, I get fresh dialtone but the call on the first line is terminated. With my landlines I can switch back and forth between two live calls and that's the functionality I want from Ooma. Thanks for your help.
#68321 by murphy
Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:53 am
The main number is always in the shared pool.
If you set your scout up as a personal device and it rings when the main number is called, you have one of the scouts that was shipped with the wrong serial number on it's label. Call customer support and ask them to give you the actual serial number that your scout is reporting. You will then have to reconfigure the personal scout using the correct serial number.

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