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#66115 by calkid4ever
Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:05 pm
I agree with SecurityTech. This myooma web response time is abysmal. C'mon Ooma -- fix it.

SecurityTech wrote:I have noticed that the "My Ooma" web portal seems to be really slow; that is, page response of 5 to 10 seconds. For example, after entering login info and then also after selecting voicemail. I have benchmarked my Internet connection and I routinely get 8+Mbps downstream and 1+Mbps upstream with ping response typical of 80ms when doing benchmarking to servers located in Palo Alto, CA. I do think this is a problem isolated with Ooma as all other websites respond within about 2 seconds or typically less. Anyone else experiencing poor site response from Ooma?
#66727 by Givmeabrek
Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:47 am
This thread made me laugh out loud. The web portal is painfully slow even on a 20 MB fiber optic connection. Maybe if I break out my old 1200 baud modem.... :P
#66963 by Bobby B
Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:18 pm
We put in a few fixes and optimizations this past week, with a major optimization added yesterday. Based on our page loading metrics, it appears pages are loading much faster, but we'll continue to monitor over the weekend and through next week to make sure the performance is sustained.
#66964 by lbmofo
Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:29 pm
Among the things that you tweaked I am sure is what I noticed as of yesterday. Dashboard's calling stats now has "Click to view your favorite callers" vs auto tabulation.
#67094 by mpc
Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:19 pm
The speed issues with My Ooma have significantly improved. Much more pleasant experience.
Thank you for the improvement.
#67218 by Jerry_NA
Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:06 pm
Looks like the My Ooma pages are loading quickly. Too bad. (Hey, you can't please everybody.) I was enjoying the Olde Timers(tm) telling stories, talking about 1 baud modems and having to chisel ones and zeros on the walls of their caves. Yeah, okay, my high school had a punch card computer, so it's not like I'm that much younger. ;)

<long boring reminiscence> I do long for the days of Evans and Sutherland graphics processors. They were the size of a small cabinet, and today a small chip built into a motherboard does the same job, but the screens were huge and the graphics sure were nice. </lbr> Now that you're all asleep, I can have my cocoa.

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