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#4302 by agsone
Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:26 am
I have the ooma connected in my dorm room so that I don't have to pay long distance charges to my friends and family. I can't get behind the router because I don't have one. I have the ooma connected to a wall jack and my computer connected to the ooma. The computer works fine. The ooma connects fine. All my friends that I call say I sound fine but... I cant here anything they are saying. I here them pick the phone and then immediately after I here silence. Anybody have any ideas.

Help broke college student who wants to call home.
#4670 by cmikal
Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:12 am
I had a similar problem. I was able to get through to tech support and they suggested 2 things. First they said to call my cable company and request that my IP address be reset to a new IP address, or possibly turn my modem off then on so that a new IP address might automatically be requested at power-up.

I never got around to doing this because I did this next procedure first and it seems to have gotten things working for me:
Go to Do a speedtest on your internet connection. Do the speed test several times and look at your average upload or uplink speed. It will probably be in the 300 to 500 range. Whatever it happens to be, even if it is less, right it down.

Next, with your PC connected to HOME port of the Ooma hub, open up a browser and enter You should see a setup screen for the Ooma hub. Click on the ADVANCED link on the left side of the screen. Under Quality of Service you will see Upstream Internet Speed (kbps). The default I think is 384. At this point the tech suggested I increase this number in increments of 5 until things started to work. Instead, I just increased it to about 80% of my average upload number. In my case I am using 450. In either case make note of the original number that was in that box so you can set it back to that number if you need to. Do not change any other numbers or settings other than Upstream Internet Speed (kbps).

If your upload speed is less than the default, decrease it to something less than your average speedtest speed and see if things start to work. If this doesn't work, reset to the default, then see if you can request a new IP Adress lease from your Admin.

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