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#60520 by bw1
Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:00 pm
Bobby B wrote:Looks like the fix wasn't synced over to the call log page as well - try once again. I think both pages should be working now.

It worked this time, I just added two numbers from the Call Logs page and they showed up on the Preferences - Blacklist page. Thanks Bobby.

BTW, on the Call Logs page, the legend at the bottom shows the two blacklist icons with text that has "black list" instead of "blacklist", like it is everywhere else. :)
#60523 by azism
Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:12 pm
Seems to be working now. Really slow (everyone trying it at once?), but it took my addition of a blocked number.

Thanks! :)
#61005 by scottlindner
Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:55 pm
My blacklist apparently stopped working either late yesterday or today. I could not believe the sheer volume of calls these telebastards can crank out the moment they catch a dial tone. They must collaborate with each other.

If it means anything. I found that my option to enable the Personal Blacklist was disabled. Even though I can assure you I have enabled it when I first configured Ooma. Can everyone check this setting to ensure it is turned on?

#61030 by murphy
Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:04 am
My personal blacklist is still enabled. It was originally enabled in January 2009 and has not changed since then.
#61031 by scottlindner
Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:28 am
I had that happen to me about two months ago. Everything was correct in my account. I contacted Ooma and they said I wasn't a Premier subscriber. I said I was, they said I wasn't, it repeated a few times until I told them the date I became a Premier subscriber, they got back and said "You are a Premier subscriber, what's the problem?", I looked at my account again and although I cannot tell you exactly what, but something changed where you see your subscription level. It worked fine until yesterday when the SPAM-O-RAMA happened. My wife wanted to through the Ooma Hub out the window.
#61062 by azism
Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:21 am
Strange that you are having problems. :shock:

It worked fine until yesterday when the SPAM-O-RAMA happened.

BTW, what is meant by SPAM-O-RAMA? :?:

Mine is working just fine. I just went and added a couple more, and it worked just like it should.

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