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#58597 by bebann
Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:00 am
I was able to port my local number successfully but I've been told that no non ported numbers are available in the 478 or 912 area code. I've tried, unsuccessfully so far, to get a second number in my local 478 area. Many of my friends live in these areas and would otherwise be interested in the Ooma system except for the unavailability of local numbers. While I understand that Ooma is at the mercy of their carrier, it is obvious that a lack of local numbers are hindering sales. While I have been checking back with Ooma on the availability of a local number, since I'm a customer, those who are not yet buyers of the system are unlikely to be as persistent if they don't want or have a number to be ported.

I live in a metro area that has many prefix's so when asked to give my area code and a specific prefix this process could take a long time if I'm searching for any available local number regardless of prefix. A quick look for prefix's from my local area from AT@T found over 100. Since it appears that certain prefix's are assigned to certain companies, this process can be confusing. Is it possible to find a better way to search for any available local numbers without going through each local prefix, at least to those of us who don't live in a small community?

So far I've been very impressed with the Ooma system and have recommended it to several of my friends. The lack of an available local number has been the single biggest turnoff that keeps them from buying.
#58602 by lbmofo
Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:33 am
Lack of local number can be fixed instantly through Google Voice.

The site below is worth a look on who has what area code/prefix.

lbmofo wrote:Cool. In the meantime, for kicks, check this out:

It lists all the area codes/prefixes and tells you who owns them. There are certain pools of numbers that ooma has access to (partner resellers?) and hope they can get a local # for you in time; if the pool they have access to doesn't have your local area code/prefix, then there really isn't anything ooma can do about it as of now.

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