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#58231 by jacque
Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:03 pm
Not sure if these are related, but: Yesterday my voicemail light was blinking. There was a 1-second blank voicemail (that's what it said in My Ooma.) I was next to the phone the whole time and it never rang. My Ooma reports no name and no number for the call. I know if someone hangs up before the first ring, that will happen. But why was there a one-second voicemail? My voicemail is set to pick up afer 4 rings.

Then today I got a form email about how my number had been successfully ported and it was okay to discontinue my old service. It was the same email I received about 6 weeks ago, I have long since discontinued my Qwest account and have already received their final bill. What's with the extra number port?

Are these things related?

Edited to add: I just checked My Ooma again and the phantom call is no longer listed in the call logs, though the empty voicemail is still in the Trash where I put it. (I can't delete old voicemails, they keep coming back.)

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