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#56708 by vector1701
Wed May 26, 2010 12:02 pm
I just installed the Hub and Scout just over a week ago and so far I like it alot. Buying the Hub and Scout over the Telo was a decision made for a few reasons, such as being free without any taxes and I like the Scout in another room.

However, obviously the Telo is the future of Ooma. That being said, I was wondering if Ooma is putting any R&D into the future of the Hub & Scout. Will Ooma provide any techology updates to customers of the Core? Will they/are there any plans to ever use the USB port? Will PureVoice or Bluetooth ever come to the Core?

I would assume, like with most technology, they have "moved-on" to what was/is the future product, the Telo.

#56721 by JTalbert
Wed May 26, 2010 1:29 pm
I think like many companies, they will still offer updates to the hub and scout. Any new features, the hub are capable of handling, the Hub will get those udpates, if the new features has HW requirements the Hub is not capable of, then you wont see those features.

Ooma is still selling the Hub and Scout, i am seeing a lot of web ads lately for the Hub at $99, I wonder if Ooma has a warehouse full of them and they are trying to get rid of them, which is probably the case.

I have Tivo's. I have series 2 and an HD, and the HD gets all the new features, the S2 gets bug fixes. As long as Ooma allows the Hub and scout to provide service, they will supply bug fixes and enhancements where they can that dont require any extra R&D, up until the point they post a message saying they are discontinuing support and functionality of those devices.

So I would not worry about it not getting updated for a long while.

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