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#56395 by bw1
Sat May 22, 2010 6:02 pm
sfhub wrote:
bw1 wrote:AFAIK, there are three tiers of service - basic, core and premier. The hub only package, (still?) available from Costco B&M stores, get the core service, but were subject to the $11.75 per year RRF after the first year. I'm not sure if they're now subject to the new monthly fees, if they're still available. I'll have to look next time I'm at Costco.

Are you sure Costco standalone Hubs get the Core service level? That means they get name+number caller-id. I thought the standalone Hubs get Basic service level (number-only cid), but I could be wrong.

Yes, they did. I assume they still do.
#56419 by lbmofo
Sat May 22, 2010 11:58 pm
A family/friend got a Hub from costco earlier this year, his base service tier is "ooma Basic" with $11.75 per year RRF. I thought he wasn't supposed to get the CallerID name along with the number but he is.
#56434 by lbmofo
Sun May 23, 2010 1:19 am
Could still be a bug with the system though. Much like the Core user who was getting mp3 VMs forwarded until recently when he tried to change something in my ooma.
#56439 by FogNoggin
Sun May 23, 2010 4:46 am
Thanks to all for the very informative responses. I just wish Ooma would be a more upfront regarding certain features. I feel a little blindsided to find that I have to subscribe to premier for my Telo simply to get a name in my caller-ID. Who would even suspect that there are TWO kinds of caller-ID?

$10 a month is a small price to pay, but had I known, I would have bought a Core. :|
#56440 by sfhub
Sun May 23, 2010 6:05 am
To give some background, the CNAM lookup for name CID could cost Ooma for every lookup where as number CID is free. That is why they removed it going forward. Glass half full, the early people lucked out and Ooma is doing what is necessary to keep the business running well so they'll be around for the long haul. Glass half empty, Ooma is cheaping out on the new plans by moving small features it thinks less people really need to Premier.
#56451 by doug
Sun May 23, 2010 11:01 am
FogNoggin wrote:Who would even suspect that there are TWO kinds of caller-ID?

Those of use who remember when there was no caller ID. Then you could get number only. And later Ma Bell added number with name (for an additional charge). AFAIK, LECs have always priced it this way unless using a feature package (e.g. Complete Choice).

Similar situation exists with call waiting, which LECs tend to price lower than Call Waiting ID (which also was not available until some time after call waiting was introduced).

As previously mentioned, caller ID names are not free to Ooma (I suppose the exception could be a call between Ooma subscribers). I think all that happened is that as they grew and had more call history to project things like call termination costs and revenue and what percentage of folks would subscribe to premiere, the business modeling formulas were tweaked and absorbing those costs forever was not sustainable.

To their credit though, they continue to honor whatever was promised with the unit as packaged. Even if that means those customers get free CNAM for life, no taxes or fees for life, or only $11.75 per year. It doesn't mean Ooma has no taxes and fees on those units -- it means they have to absorb the cost.

The original sales even had free premiere for life -- but had a higher purchase price. The market was not smart enough to see how good of a deal that really was, so they had to offer the hardware at lower price points but then not include as many "free" features.

Even for those with a monthly fee, I remain convinced Ooma is the best thing going. If they ever offer lifetime premiere again, I intend to purchase it.

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