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#55353 by SDTelephonyGeek
Wed May 12, 2010 6:40 am
I'm a new user with Ooma (Telo), a couple of weeks now.

I can make calls out through the device without a problem. I can receive calls from AT&T wireless and Time Warner digital phone, but when I try to call the Ooma # through Google Voice, I hear ringing on the outbound line, but the Ooma connected-line does not ring, and the call does not go to voicemail. It's an 858 Ooma # and 858 GV # (There was a recent post by an 858 user with a similar problem). As GV users know, this makes "verification" of the line through GV impossible. Three days in a row now without success. What gives?

Also, I left myself a test voice message a couple of days ago and it vanished into the ether. I heard the greeting and left the message, but no trace of it on the "My Ooma" site and no listing of the missed call on my call log..
#55747 by bw1
Mon May 17, 2010 7:29 am
Were you making the GV call through your computer or through one of your other phone lines (ATT or TW)?
Do you have GVE setup on your Telo?

This could be a configuration issue with GV or your Telo (GVE) or it could be an issue with the backend of Ooma, GV or the underlying carrier(s).

You could try changing your configuration(s) and try again or you may need to give Ooma CS a call to see if they can track the call through their logs. Unfortunately, Google has no support for GV as far as I can tell.

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